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  • Brendan’s Perspective: Being in Service

    By Brendan Z., Renascent Alumni The Twelfth Step presents us with the principle of Service. I found myself around my 6-month marker feeling anxious that while I was working through the Steps in their order as it was suggested, I felt I should already be of service to the program and others. Alcoholics Anonymous and … Continued


    Enabling 24/7 Addiction Recovery Support

    Meet Rajarshi Bhattacharjee (Raj). He is Renascent’s Regional Coordinator for Breaking Free, a free online recovery support tool designed to help people recovering from addiction develop coping skills and access resources. We caught up with Raj to learn more about him, his role and Breaking Free. 1) What brought you to Renascent? After moving from … Continued


    The Untethered Soul

    By Prabhi Gill, Alumni Care Manager, Renascent The Untethered Soul wasn’t just a regular read for me. It took me on an inner self discovery journey which I can say was life-changing. This book allowed me to break apart my ego and learn how to just be in each moment.  It’s easy to be distracted by materialistic … Continued