Renascent Boards

Renascent is governed by two Boards of Directors: The Renascent Foundation and The Renascent Fellowship. Together they provide strategic counsel, Management oversight, and additional resources and support to Management.

The Foundation Board focuses on revenue generation and asset management. The Fellowship Board focuses on the quality and scope of our treatment programs, and general administration of the organization.

Board members include: persons who are active in 12 step recovery programs; some members who have experienced the treatment program at Renascent or other facilities; some who have been directly or indirectly affected by another’s addiction to alcohol or drugs. All have a passion to help people recover from alcohol and drug addictions so that they can reach their full potential – with compassion, respect, empathy, and understanding.

The Boards meet jointly at least quarterly to share information. We have a committee structure to guide our work. Our Annual General Meeting is held in September.

Renascent Fellowship Board

Suzanne Jaffe, President and Chair

Doug Wall, Treasurer

Mangesh Duggal

Marilyn Herie

Rick Jatiouk

Rob Johnson

Pedram Kaya

Steve Kruspe

Susan Raphael

Patrick Wilson


Renascent Foundation Board

Suzanne Jaffe, President and Chair

Doug Wall, Treasurer

Stephanie Banfield

Mike Byrne

Marilynne Madigan

Sandy Shessel

Kathie Viner

Dan Walshe

Stephen Waymire