A note on language: We do not refer to Renascent addiction treatment programs as “rehab,” however we recognize that people use this term as they look for help for themselves or their loved ones. Read more on person-first language here.

Specialized Addiction Counselling

Renascent offers gender-specific drug and alcohol rehab to address the unique and specific concerns of women. Women are counselled by women. Our women’s centre welcomes those who self-identify as female. For people who are non-binary, gender-diverse, or are exploring their gender identity, we will work with you to help you decide which centre best meets your needs.

Addiction Treatment for Women

At Renascent, it is our priority that we provide a compassionate space for people looking to start their Road to Recovery. We understand that every person is unique and their experience with addiction involves different needs and concerns that come from their past experiences.  Providing access to gender-responsive care is critical to ensuring that women can recover from addiction.

Our treatment at Renascent is evidence-based, conversations about trauma start at our assessment phase. If you are wanting to learn more about our approach to trauma and addiction, please read our blog post. 

Learn more about how Renascent delivers equitable access to addiction treatment in this blog.

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Women’s Rehab for Your Addiction Recovery

In a women’s addiction treatment centre you will be surrounded by participants who may share similar experiences with you and this can be deeply healing.

By offering gender-specific treatments it can foster a feeling of inclusivity and safety for those seeking treatment. All of our counsellors have been where you are. They have all experienced addiction and recovery. By doing this, we can address the specific needs and concerns of women in their addiction recovery.

As a trusted leader with over 50 years of experience and expertise, we understand addiction. We’ve helped more than 50,000 people, and we can help you too.

Renascent’s Addiction Treatment Centres

Some rehab centres resemble hospitals and spas. Our centres are homes, not institutions or five star resorts. They are warm, caring, safe spaces where true healing from addiction can begin. Take a virtual tour of our centres. We offer gender-specific centres and programs to address the unique recovery needs and concerns of women and men.

Renascent Graham Munro Centre

The Graham Munro Centre is our residential treatment centre for people who identify as female and is located in downtown Toronto. Our centres are homes that provide a safe, warm, and welcoming environment for you to start your Road to Recovery. 


“Having someone counsel me who I could relate to was so inspiring,” –

Going through treatment with people who understand your experiences can be life-changing, read Megan’s Story.

“Treatment was a safe place where people understood where I came from. They were able to give me the proper resources I needed” 

Share in your experiences with people like you, read Valerie’s Story

“Treatment was a hard, but life-changing experience for me and I am so grateful for the care I received at Munro Centre.”

You can start your Road to Recovery with Renascent and women who have been where you are, read Patty’s Story

“I was nervous coming into treatment. I have social anxiety. When I was out there using, I didn’t have female friends. I was afraid of how I would fit in with the girls. All of the change was scary, but I remember thinking, “I can do this; I am not alone.” 

At Renascent, you are always supported and surrounded by those who understand where you have been. Read Stephanie’s story.