10 Ways to Give Back:

Looking for ways to be of service, carry the message, express your gratitude, or contribute to the Renascent community?

Here are 10 ideas for you …

  1. 1) Attend Alumni Meetings
  2. 2) Become an Alumni Contact
  3. 3) Join your Alumni Committee
  4. 4) Write an article for our newsletter, TGIF Weekly Recovery News
  5. 5) Use your talents and experience to volunteer at Renascent
  6. 6) Refer a family member, friend or workplace in need of help to our programs
  7. 7) Attend Alumni Events
  8. 8) Send a gratitude letter
  9. 9) Make a gift to the Renascent Foundation
  10. 10) Like us on our Facebook Renascent page

Become an Alumni Contact

To become an Alumni Contact, please contact Ed Harding at eharding@renascent.ca