Renascent Foundation shares Renascent’s Mission, Vision and Values. 

Our Mission

Renascent helps save lives through compassionate, transformative, evidence-informed addiction and mental health programs.

Our Vision

All individuals, families and loved ones impacted by addiction will have timely access to comprehensive, person-centred and evidence-informed treatment.

Our Values

At Renascent, values drive everything we do. They are our guiding principles. They keep us grounded, positive and hopeful.

  • Compassion – We are driven by gratitude and a passion to help individuals recover from addiction and mental health challenges. We work with compassion, respect, empathy and understanding.
  • Integrity – We lead by example, with integrity and honesty.
  • Community – We believe in the spiritual healing power of connection which we incorporate in our work with individuals, families and loved ones.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to creating a physically, psychologically and culturally safe and inclusive environment for all.  We strive to provide open and equitable access to individuals, families and loved ones, and to employees and individuals seeking employment.
  • Lived Experience – We value the lived experience of our team members, that contributes to therapeutic alliance and a deep understanding of addiction and related mental health challenges.

Our Staff

Tania Archer

Director, Business Development & Philanthropy

Christina Selvaggio

Manager, Philanthropy

Luisa Schifitto

Philanthropy and Engagement Coordinator