As a national leader in abstinence-based treatment since 1970, Renascent is fiercely committed to providing recovery and hope to individuals, families, and organizations affected by substance addictions through proven 12 step evidence-based programming. We have always believed that cost should never be a barrier to life-saving treatment.

The Renascent Foundation was incorporated in 1983 to enhance funding for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction and ensure that no one would be turned away for lack of funds. Through the gratitude and generosity of donors, Renascent has never turned away a suffering alcoholic, drug addict or family member simply because they didn’t have enough money.

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The Foundation fulfills its mandate through social entrepreneurship, fundraising, the management of Renascent’s fee for service programming, and stewardship of Foundation properties. Our mission is to ensure that treatment for those affected by substance addictions, and their families, children, and loved ones, is effective and accessible to all.

Annual Reports

Our annual report, published every year, outlines the year’s achievements for Renascent, recognition of our donors, and our financial statements.

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