Drug Addiction Rehab

Drug addiction isn’t something we can tackle without help. It becomes hard for people who have become addicted to drugs to lead any semblance of a normal life. It can put relationships with family, friends, and employers at risk, and have devastating consequences on your finances and personal life.

If drug addiction has affected the life of someone you know – or is affecting you directly – we can help.

Our drug rehab program addresses the complex needs of the entire person and provides the tools you need for lasting healing and recovery.

Why Renascent addiction rehab centres?

  • We are a national leader in treating substance use disorders.
  • Over nearly 50 years, we’ve helped almost 50,000 people.
  • We are fully accredited and use evidence-based clinical best practices.
  • Our holistic approach addresses the families, children, loved ones, workplaces, and communities who are also affected by addiction.
  • Our staff are professionally certified and/or licensed and have lived experience of addiction and long-term recovery.

Drug addiction treatment – our approach

Our comprehensive, person-centred Toronto and Durham region addiction treatment programs take place in a safe, caring environment. Our abstinence-based model integrates 12-step facilitation with other best practices in clinical and medical approaches, which are proven to make a difference in long-term sobriety.

With abstinence-based treatment, even those with the most serious of drug addictions can find renewed health and healing, and a truly transformative experience.

Our intensive in-patient alcohol abuse treatment program (28 – 42 day stays) provides around-the-clock counselling and support from our team of registered psychotherapists and certified drug and alcohol addiction specialists, all of whom have lived experience of addiction and long-term recovery.

At Renascent we treat the whole person, because drug addiction affects you on every level. Your care will be based on an drug rehab program tailored to meet your unique needs.

Drug Rehab – Toronto and GTA Programs

Specifically, our holistic drug addiction treatment program provides you with:

  • Person-centred drug addiction treatment
  • Safe, caring, addiction treatment centres in heritage homes in Toronto and Durham region
  • 12-step facilitation and meetings that work
  • 28-42 day inpatient rehab program
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Certified drug addiction treatment specialists
  • Gender-specific and LGBTQ+ friendly rehab programs
  • Education on addiction and recovery
  • Group and one-on-one counselling and therapy
  • Comprehensive mental and physical health assessments
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Regular, nutritious, and delicious meals
  • Guidance on developing a healthy sleep schedule
  • Continuing Care aftercare program for ongoing support and relapse prevention

Signs of drug addiction

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health says that the signs and symptoms of addiction can range from mild to severe: you might have a problem being late for work every day or missing work, or your addiction has led to homelessness and illness.

A drug addiction can build up over time, and can affect every aspect of your life.

Signs you have a drug addiction can include:

  • injuries while under the influence
  • feelings of anxiety, irritability, or depression
  • trouble thinking clearly
  • blackouts
  • problems with relationships
  • spending money on substances rather than on food, rent, or other essentials
  • legal problems related to substance use
  • loss of hope, feelings of emptiness

If you are experiencing any of the signs of drug addiction, call us for help. Your road to recovery starts here.

Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

“Because of you guys, you amazing, beautiful, caring souls, I’ve been given the gift of life. I’ve been given the first 42 days of my new life. I’m learning routine, I’m learning how to be around people and not isolate. I’m learning how to care for myself and better yet love myself, all over again.”


Alumni, 2018

Drug addiction help

Addiction isn’t a choice, but the path to recovery is.

Your drug addiction recovery journey begins with “I need help.” Start your addiction rehab treatment today.

We’ve helped almost 50,000 people recover from addiction.

We can help you too.


Call us and start healing today.