Methadone & Suboxone and other Opioid Agonist Therapies (OAT) Requirements

In order to successfully enter into the inpatient portion of our program, Renascent physicians will need to verify your current dose of Methadone (MMT), Suboxone (SBX) or other OAT prescriptions, the date it was last dispensed with your pharmacy, as well as verify the last seven (7) days of MMT/SBX dosing, or 30 days if you use Sublocade.

All clients are to bring from their pharmacist:

  • The previous seven (7) days dispensing record
  • A record that you have taken your dose of MMT/SBX on the day of admission.

Failure to provide this may result in delayed admission. Your pharmacist will be happy to provide this for you upon request.

Our physicians will forward and manage your prescription for your current dose of MMT/SBX with one of our local pharmacies for dispensing each morning while you are in treatment at Renascent.

Upon treatment completion, Renascent physicians will transfer your prescription back to your original pharmacy.

Please discuss with our physicians if you will be changing pharmacies upon treatment completion.

Our physician(s) will discuss increasing, decreasing or cessation of MMT/SBX based on standards and guidelines of care, your safety, goals, and the inpatient client community.