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Breaking Free Provides 24/7 Recovery Support

Breaking Free is a free online support tool available to Renascent clients and alumni. It is completely confidential and can be accessed 24/7 on any desktop, tablet or smartphone. It is available to help Ontarians ages 16 and older reduce or stop the use of over 70 substances, such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs, including opioids. 

The Breaking Free program helps individuals develop coping skills and access key resources they can use during or after their treatment. It is easy to use, safe and confidential and available in English and French.

Breaking free on laptop, desktop and tablet

Benefits of Breaking Free: 

  • Gives you proven behaviour change techniques
  • Helps you manage high-risk situations
  • Easy-to-use and completely confidential
  • Supports you at every stage of your recovery journey

If you are a Renascent client or alumni who is interested in using Breaking Free to help with your recovery journey, you can speak with a member of your care team or register to get immediate free access to programming and resources.

 Register for Breaking Free:

** Please include Renascent’s service code when you sign-up. Use code: renascent21

Download the free Companion app for Android and iPhone.