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  • Alumni Perspective: Step Four

    Ashleigh H. I was asked to write about my step four experience. I’m sitting on a train as I reflect on this entire process, these past few months, and what surrendering to this program has done for me. My name is Ashleigh, I am 26 years old, and today I can honestly say I am … Continued


    Alumni Corner with Rich Clune

    During the holidays, all three Renascent treatment houses hosted a special movie screening of “Hi, My Name is Dicky”, a documentary about hockey player and Renascent alumni, Rich Clune. Following the film, Rich and one of the film’s directors tuned in over Zoom for a one-hour fireside chat and Q&A session with our clients, staff, … Continued


    A holiday to remember

    This holiday was like no other for our clients. For some, this would have been the first holiday in a long time with a roof over their head, a home cooked meal, and a gift under the tree.  Navigating the first weeks of recovery is challenging at the best of times, not to mention experiencing … Continued


    Our History : Looking ahead with gratitude and optimism

    Renascent celebrated 50 years of leadership in March of 2020. To commemorate our 50th year, we created a digital timeline highlighting the milestones and the people behind our most significant achievements. You can view the timeline at Although COVID-19 remains a serious consideration in many aspects of our work, we continue to follow all … Continued


    Gifts That Work – They Really Do Work

    Generosity and dedication are things that we are so appreciative of. They are the Gifts that Work – they really work to help save lives. The work we have to do has never been more in demand nor more complex than in the time of this pandemic.  The financial support that you send goes directly … Continued


    Giving Back in Recovery

    Beyond being of service, making the conscious choice to regularly give back is an important part of any strong recovery program and fulfilling life. Here are a few ideas for giving back in recovery: 1. Volunteer. Reach out to organizations that do work that is close to your heart. Love animals? Call your local humane … Continued


    Recovery Shot 2020: Thank You!

    Collectively, our generous Recovery Shot supporters raised $58,000 for life-saving addiction treatment, despite there being no golf tournament this year!  At a time when the need for addiction treatment has never been greater, our long-time dedicated sponsors and golfers of Renascent’s annual Recovery Shot Golf Tournament generously transformed their support into direct donations to support our mission in delivering addiction services to individuals … Continued


    Thank You Notes from Renascent Clients

    Writing has such wonderful healing properties. Creative writing helps us express our feelings, emotions, and thoughts at the moment. It helps us cope with unpleasant situations, improve mental health, and share gratitude and emotion.  At Renascent, now and before COVID-19, we have always encouraged clients to journal as a form of expression and healing. This … Continued