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  • Giving Back in Recovery

    Beyond being of service, making the conscious choice to regularly give back is an important part of any strong recovery program and fulfilling life. Here are a few ideas for giving back in recovery: 1. Volunteer. Reach out to organizations that do work that is close to your heart. Love animals? Call your local humane … Continued

    Recovery Shot 2020: Thank You!

    Collectively, our generous Recovery Shot supporters raised $58,000 for life-saving addiction treatment, despite there being no golf tournament this year!  At a time when the need for addiction treatment has never been greater, our long-time dedicated sponsors and golfers of Renascent’s annual Recovery Shot Golf Tournament generously transformed their support into direct donations to support our mission in delivering addiction services to individuals … Continued

    Thank You Notes from Renascent Clients

    Writing has such wonderful healing properties. Creative writing helps us express our feelings, emotions, and thoughts at the moment. It helps us cope with unpleasant situations, improve mental health, and share gratitude and emotion.  At Renascent, now and before COVID-19, we have always encouraged clients to journal as a form of expression and healing. This … Continued

    Farewell, Ed Harding

    It is with enormous gratitude that the entire Renascent team and Board of Directors honour Ed Harding for his incredible contributions to Renascent’s mission and our clients over the last four decades. Ed has made the decision to retire at the end of October, and we wish him all the best as he moves on … Continued

    Staff Corner – Meet Erin!

    COVID-19 has exposed the deficiencies that have long existed for people who have substance use disorders and their families, in the type, access to, and availability of healthcare and social services. To date, we have served 86 clients virtually through our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program.  Meet Erin Gilmour, RSSW, Psychotherapist Erin is a counsellor delivering … Continued

    COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Us…

    As you know, Renascent has responded to the challenge brought on by the pandemic by developing innovative Virtual Care Programs that support people living with a substance use disorder, the families who have been affected by their loved one’s struggle, and their children, who have often had to grow up too quickly.  Our Virtual Care … Continued

    2019-2020: We did it with you by our side

    As Renascent celebrates 50 years of leadership in addiction treatment, we are excited to share our 2019-2020 Annual Report with you.  Last year, we handled more than 25,000 phone calls with people looking for support, and, through your generosity, the barrier of cost was removed for 529 people across our Inpatient Treatment program and our … Continued

    A Black Recovery Experience

    The recovery community, in my experience, can be a welcoming and tolerant place, as prescribed by our principles and traditions — ” the only requirement for membership is a desire…” — with a focus on our similarities rather than our differences. My quintessential moment in recovery (the moment the light went on) came while listening … Continued