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  • Perspective: A second chance with my kids

    Since sobriety (and a whole lot of work on my own spirituality), they seem to have become more confident, they have not gotten in trouble at school, and are much less likely to fly off the handle and react to challenges with fits of anger. This change, I believe, is due to them no longer having to deal with a toxic environment. They are learning to live life in a much healthier way.


    Video: Stages of Family Recovery

    What happens for every member of a family when one or more people stop their active addiction? A counsellor goes through the four stages of family recovery, from the family being organized around the addiction to ongoing recovery.


    Perspective: My Mom, My Sobriety and Me

    My mother always knew when I was lying or trying to hide the truth, even when I didn’t know myself. Uncanny, really, how she could coax things out of me. As a matter of fact, she was the one who sent me a copy of our Twelve and Twelve with the inscription “Maybe this will help you, Love and Good Luck, Mom.”