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  • Alumni Perspective: Recovering from Food Addiction

    I turned 70 three months ago. Now generally speaking, a woman would never divulge that she would be entering that decade. However, this is the first time in fifty years that I am free, sane, and liberated from the world of dieting, calorie counting, purging, bingeing extreme exercising and all else associated with society’s vision … Continued


    Perspective: Confessions of a Food Addict

    by Ariane Zurcher In my teens, through my 20s and halfway into my 30s, I used food the way a junkie uses heroin, only my “highs” didn’t last as long. As a teenager, I realized there was nothing like eating large quantities of food to quell my discomfort, boredom, pain, happiness, sadness or anger. I found … Continued


    Are You Addicted to Food?

    Enjoying food is definitely not the same thing as being addicted to food. Our brains are wired to enjoy food – that is a primal survival mechanism. Even the food addict who is in recovery still enjoys their food. What makes the enjoyment addictive is the key question. When you are not hungry and you still desire to eat, something else is operating that keeps you wanting to continue to eat.


    Perspective: Food Is Only Part Of The Equation

    Giving up the food was only part of the equation—working the steps was the other half. One of the first assignments was discussing the difference between admitting and accepting that I was a food addict. This was key for me to realize and to understand. I could easily say I was a food addict but every time I picked up extra food, I was not accepting that fact. I was living in denial and it was ruining my life.


    Video: Food Junkies

    …and you reach a certain point where the behaviours start to mimic behaviours like other addictions and that’s when we call it a food addiction. It ‘s when the person wants to stop but they can’t stop…the off switch has become faulty..


    Addictions Unplugged

    Tune in to Addictions Unplugged on Rogers TV April 10th at 9P.M. Join Renascent’s Dr. Vera Ingrid Tarman with host Bev Miller for a live and interactive healthy living show that will tackle questions on all matters of addiction from food to alcohol, sex to the internet, cocaine to love addiction. Addiction touches everyone – … Continued