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  • Alumni Perspective: Using my Journey to Help Other Women Find Theirs

    It has not been an easy road getting here. After many attempts at staying sober, losing everything I ever cared about and loved, including my children and my marriage, I finally gained enough of what I now know is humility to work an honest program of recovery. I needed the humility to throw away my old ways of thinking and commit to keeping an open mind while working through the 12 steps. I came back to AA after an 8-year relapse, broken and hating myself. With this commitment I learned about my old coping skills and the “nature” of my wrongs and how they were truly blocking me from any spiritual relationship.


    Al-Anon Perspective: Step 8

    by P.C. I have my list for Step 8 from my Step 4 inventory. This step holds me accountable to the harms I have caused others. Step 8 awakens me to clarity. I have heard a common phrase in the rooms for years: “What is your part?” and I was asked to consider, could it … Continued


    Perspective: Women in Recovery

    Women’s experience of recovery often comes with a specific set of considerations and hurdles; Women’s History Month has been our excuse to dive into the subject. Dee Young was expecting a man to catch her when she fell, but found that it was the women she met through AA who held her up. In her … Continued


    Women now drinking almost as much as men

    by Ana Sandoiu   Traditionally, alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse have been more commonly associated with men than women. But as more women drink alcohol, a new analysis finds they are catching up with men at an unprecedented rate. This also means women are affected by the same harmful effects of alcohol as men, and the … Continued


    Video: Five women share their stories

    More than 90 overdoses have occurred since Tuesday, August 23, 2016 in the city of Cincinnati alone. A local news channel spoke with five Cincinnati women who have overcome their addiction. The women share their stories about recovery and offer help to those who need it.


    Perspective: My Mom, My Sobriety and Me

    My mother always knew when I was lying or trying to hide the truth, even when I didn’t know myself. Uncanny, really, how she could coax things out of me. As a matter of fact, she was the one who sent me a copy of our Twelve and Twelve with the inscription “Maybe this will help you, Love and Good Luck, Mom.”