Author: Alumni

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  • Shannon’s story: Trading in Hopelessness for Hopefulness

    I discovered alcohol and drugs at 17 years old when I went away to university.  Very quickly alcohol became my ‘everything’.  It was my coping mechanism for all things. It made me feel larger than life, uninhibited, and comfortable with my peers.  Alcohol slowly began to interfere with my daily living.  My life began revolving … Continued


    Tammie’s Story: Why I walk on the Road to Recovery

    By Tammie K., Graham Munro Treatment Centre Alumni I am participating in Renascent’s Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run to help give back the HOPE that I was given during my stay at their Graham Munro Treatment Centre (Munro). I had always lived with so much regret and disappointment that I had not made a better career … Continued


    Alumni Perspective: Step 8

    By Jomana A., Renascent Alumni Step 8: “Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.“ As a newcomer, I sat in meetings and heard my fellow recovering alcoholics talk about Step 8. Confusion and fear coloured my approach to Step 8. Thanks to good sponsorship, … Continued


    Alumni Perspective: Embracing Humility

    By Corey S., Renascent Alumni Having humility is the key principle for Step 7 – giving up on self-will and building a reliance on God’s will to guide me through life. Step 7 has now become part of my nightly routine. Every evening before bed I reflect on my day and make a mental inventory … Continued