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  • Stefano’s Perspective: Step 2

    By Stefano, Renascent Alumni Step Two – Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity. My name is Stefano, and I am an alcoholic addict. On June 7, 2015, I desperately sought out an institution (Renascent) to have something other than myself, manage my powerless life. On June 6, … Continued


    Edwin’s Perspective: Step 1

    In Step 1 “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.” My name is Edwin and I am an alcoholic and addict. Why am I here? I am here because I have no other choice. Yet, today I am free.  I joined these anonymous programs because addiction controls me, not … Continued


    Cody’s Perspective: Step 12

    By Cody, Renascent Alumni When I completed my Twelfth Step and started to apply the Steps into my daily living, life started to get better and the promise stated to come true. I was no longer a “bad” son. I became an even better father. I showed up the way my kids need me; the … Continued


    Alumni Perspective: Step 10

    My new life in early recovery, required me to do things that I was not used to. One of those things was to be accountable for my own actions. After so many years of being self-centred and inconsiderate of others, I was shown the value of humility and kindness towards others. I would speak to my … Continued


    Gary’s Perspective: Step 10

    By Gary, Renascent Alumni Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.  This Step has been and continues to be a crucial part in my recovery. My sponsor was key in guiding me through Step 10. It has been a game changer me!   It’s a Step I … Continued


    Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude in Recovery

    By Jack, Renascent Alumni, March 8 – April 12, 2022 What have I done? Who have I become? Look at all this money I owe. What does my wife think of me? Many of the feelings and thoughts we have in early recovery are filled with shame, regret, and remorse. It’s hard to find things … Continued


    Christie’s Perspective: Step 8

    Christine, Renascent Alumna Step 8 seemed terrifying when I began my journey. I knew I had done a lot of harm, but I hadn’t been willing to look at it too closely. I entered Renascent a completely broken woman who was willing to do anything for my recovery. I made a commitment to my sponsor … Continued


    Sue’s Story: A Dose of Humility Brought Plenty Freedom

    By Sue F, Renascent Alumni HUMILITY (noun); TO BE FREE from pride and arrogance (Meaning taken from Webster’s dictionary) a. Pride (noun); self satisfaction in one’s achievements 2. Self esteem b. Arrogance (noun); an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assessments  When I volunteered to write about humility, I needed … Continued