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  • Jason’s Perspective on Step 4

    By Jason, Renascent Alumni Hello Friends, my name is Jason and I am here to share about my experience with Step 4. This Step is crucial for our recovery and often is the one that makes or breaks us. The important thing to remember about this Step is that addiction is a disease and not … Continued


    My Mistake: Pushing the Boundaries of Sobriety

    By Adam, Renascent Alumni As soon as I had finished my three weeks of treatment at Renascent and the Aftercare Program, I knew for a fact that I was an indestructible spiritual badass. Nothing would stop me from taking the reins of my life and living to the fullest. With that in mind, I didn’t initially see a problem … Continued


    My Mistake: I fired my sponsor!

    By Amanda, Renascent Alumna It took me five years of continuously relapsing to finally surrender to the fact that my solution to life’s problems (drinking), was no longer a solution. It did not work any more, and with that realization, I checked myself into the Munro house. This past week, I celebrated five years of sobriety. My … Continued


    Colin’s Story: Finding a Way to Embrace Step 2

    By Colin, Renascent Alumni I spent 30+ years playing a role. Performing miracles, where I turned trust from my family into money; love from girlfriends into free rent; faith from employers into sums of undeserved wages; and loyalty from friends into scams and lies.  So when the time came at Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre … Continued