Recovery in Poetry

My War
Within….         Dear addiction:

You were once my friendly companion
Entertainer with colourful cheer
A magical sense of calmness
Many joyous happy years

Old pleasures began to slowly fade
Alone I came to thinking
You dragged me across an invisible line
To hell and heavy drinking

I’ve let you control my feelings and thoughts
A simple reminder to me
Of the fact I am an addict
No matter where I may be

My conscience you have stolen
And you’ve crushed me day by day
Not allowing me to become healthy
In many fearful frightening ways

You’ve taken my soul and broken my heart
No peace or freedom I share
Once my master and now my demise
You’ve left me defenseless and bare

You’ve taken my home
My children and wife
You’ve cornered me alone
And tried to take my life

Through trial and error
I now understand
The choices I made
Were before me at hand

My God is not magic
Or a good lucky charm
I know he can’t protect me
From life and everyday harms

My God is not identified
For all the world to see
It’s simply an understanding
Between my savior and me

Still fully aware my demons await
I battle to keep them away
Forward ahead one day at a time
My sobriety surely will stay

I carry a token around my neck
Reminding no one but me
That freedom and peace are my new way of life
If only I let it be

So I bid you farewell
My old friend and foe
Never Again
Will you rip out my soul

Kevin D. 2017-2022

Kevin holding a slice of cake.

Mental Health and Addiction 

My life was destroyed
Overcome by defeat
I came to my senses
I knew I was beat

Still shaky and weak
My soul ripped and bare
I fell to my knees
And asked for God’s care

Determined for victory
I struggled for years
The clouds began lifting
I was full of great fear

Unsure of the future
Very frightened and alone
I became willing to try
I long to go home

Many doctors and counselors
With knowledge and advice
Not as bad as I feared
They were actually quite nice 

Some new and young
Others older and wise
Whomever I spoke to 
Thoroughly helped my demise 

New friendships I made
As I began to see
The others were sick
No different than me

Day in and day out
My emotions unsteady
Still I never gave up
But stayed focused and ready 

Much wisdom I gained
Retraining my mind
So many regrets
I didn’t plan to find

My life has been blessed
For that I am sure
My thinking is changing
But far from a cure

Now seeing life different
And into the light
My path is now changing
The future looks bright 

I have valuable tools
Pray morning and night
Serenity and peace
Are my new ways of life 

Kevin D.  2019

About the Authors

Members of Renascent's alumni community carry the message by sharing their experiences and perspectives on addiction and recovery. To contribute your alumni perspective, please email