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Over the past 50 years, we’ve helped more than 50,000 people with our leading programs and services for substance addictions. We can help you too.

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The Ontario Perception of Care Tool for Mental Health and Addictions (OPOC-MHA)
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Addiction Rehab Services in the Toronto Durham Region, Ontario Designed To Work For You

Renascent is one of Ontario’s largest and longest-standing addiction treatment providers. Founded in 1970, Renascent offers evidence-based, trauma-informed care that addresses substance addiction and concurrent mental health issues.

Over the past 50 years we have helped more than 50,000 people with our programs and services for individuals, families, and organizations for recovery, education, and prevention relating to substance addictions

Our fully accredited treatment programs give our clients and their families support through the detox process plus the tools and opportunities to enjoy life-long recovery and freedom from addiction.

We understand addiction, and we can help. Talk to us today.

Our Commitment to Addiction Treatment and Help

We recognize that the need for addiction treatment and support has never been greater. As always, Renascent is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our clients and their families where and when they need it most.

Immediate Addiction Help

Get the help you need right now. Through the Renascent Foundation and its generous donors, we offer affordably priced treatment programs and never turn anyone away due to financial circumstances.

Trained and experienced addiction specialists

Your health team will include addiction-trained doctors, registered psychotherapists, certified addiction counsellors, and team member who have their own lived experience of addiction. Our team of experts are passionate about recovery and helping people get well.

Affordable addiction treatment and services

As a not-for-profit, our pricing is affordable. Our generous donors ensure you’ll never be turned away from addiction treatment because of a lack of funds. Insurance coverage is accepted.

Help family and loved ones

We offer special addiction support programs for individuals, families, workplaces, and communities affected by substance use disorders.

Find Out More and See Which Option Is Best For You

All our treatment and support programs are accredited and evidence-based.

Essential programs for everyone in the family.

Renascent’s Corporate Complete Care Solutions team is available to support employees and employers.

Renascent is pleased to partner with physicians and other health care professionals.

Treatment and Support

Our trusted, comprehensive addiction programs take place in safe, caring treatment centres or in the comfort of your own home. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction, and offer support for family members too. Your care will be an evidence-based, accredited program designed specifically for you.

Inpatient Care

Get around-the-clock counselling and support from our expert team of therapists and certified drug and alcohol specialists in safe, home-like addiction treatment centres.

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Intensive Outpatient Care

Gain immediate access to comprehensive, abstinence-based addiction treatment, support, and counselling from your own home with our intensive virtual care and outpatient programs.

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Continuing Care

Continue with the positive steps you took during your intensive inpatient care with our flexible after-care programs, all delivered virtually when and where you need it.

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Family Care

Help those closest to you to heal in partnership with you: our online and essential family care programs help adults, parents, and children cope with the effects of addiction. Addiction is a family illness, so is recovery..

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Stay connected with lifetime support for you and your family with workshops, social events, a weekly newsletter, a recovery community, and much much more.

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Individual Consulting

Choose the therapist you feel most comfortable with for one-on-one addiction counselling virtually from your own home – any day, any time.

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What Our Clients Say

See what some of our clients have to say about Renascent.

I truly owe my life to you

Jennifer F
Alumni, Munro Centre

“I believe you guys have quite literally been an integral part of saving my life, and I cannot ever thank you enough. I would never have believed a year ago that I could have a life that I’m building now, and it started with the staff at Munro. I’ll never be able to repay the debt, but I do everything I can to honour the life you guys helped give back to me through being of service and living with gratitude. I dedicate my one year medallion to the incredible women who give their time, their experience, strength and hope and their attention to the girls who pass through that house. Few will appreciate nearly enough what you do for us, but I pray and thank my high power every day for you all. I truly owe my life to you guys, Thank you. ”

Today I am happy and live a fulfilling life

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni, 2020

“I completed the virtual outpatient program this past summer, after trying two other residential programs in the last year. The virtual outpatient program allowed me to build a community-based recovery program (AA) while receiving expert individual and group counselling. Some of the counsellors were in recovery and all understood the unique nature of this disease. They were skilled in their role as counsellors, as well as compassionate. They were adept in navigating online video group sessions and made full use of the benefits of this technology. I felt that my privacy was completely protected and secure. Because it was a virtual program, I could bring new or ongoing life issues to the program in real time and receive on the spot advice to help me resolve them. Today I am happy and live a fulfilling life. My family and I thank you for the life-altering treatment you have provided. ”

A New & Amazing Chapter

Jessica Dury and her dad, Robert

“Flashback to December 2007… I wondered how I would be able to celebrate Christmas (my fav time of the year) without it being the same as every other year. How would we wake up that morning without having Dad be a part of it, like every other year growing up? How would my brother and I open our stockings while Mom & Dad slept in a bit longer until we could all open gifts together and start the day? Well, life goes to show that you really can DO anything and really GET through anything. It’s all about dedication and commitment. That is exactly what my Dad did when he chose to reside at Renascent earlier that year for treatment & coaching. After many other facilities just didn’t seem to do the trick, when attending meetings just wasn’t enough & when he found a certain special connection with those also living and finding the same bond at Renascent, it’s truly what seemed to be the answer. My Dad struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and at times I wondered if there was ever going to be a time or place that would help him, but I was wrong. My Dad not only had memorable moments (which included us visiting him on December 25th and then merely a few weeks later, him coming home to celebrate Christmas all over again, at home, sober), he also found himself again. He found his purpose, his passions and his spark in life. He has been sober ever since and I cannot thank the amazing, caring people who were a part of his journey while he called Renascent his “home.” Thank you! ”

Today I am Sober

Jeff R

“The Continuing care program offered at Renascent was absolutely exceptional. Steve H was a pillar of strength, positivity, and encouragement.Steve gave me the essential tools to extrapolate the deep root of my issues, fostering me, and was a huge part of re-structuring my life. In addition; I was taught to take a much more open-minded and mature approach toward facing my fears, anger, and life on life’s terms. My life has changed more than I could have ever imagined, as doors keep opening up for me as the promises state in the Big Book. My valiant efforts and working this program have given me the ability to create a new architectural pattern of living. Today I am sober, and have the love of my family. I am living proof that this program works, and that is enough. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the program, and to the counsellors, especially Steve H, and John B. With perpetual gratitude. Your friend, ”

Renascent showed me the path of having magnificent life.

Fabian C.

“I started drinking and using drugs at very young age. At the very beginning it was fun but the but after few years the fun was gone and without noticing I was drinking and using few time per week. I thought that is what young people do. After some years of trying to keep that lifestyle I became a daily drinker and user, however I was able to keep a job and a relationship and I used to think “I have the job and the girl, everything is fine.” I had to ignore some other little problems to keep my fake happiness alive. In the blink of an eye my employer got tired of my frequent calling in sick and the girl left because of my lies, and on top of that, the little problems became realities I had to face: eviction notice from my landlord, collection agency calls for unpaid bills, suspended driver license, and the worst feeling of being away from my two kids from my first marriage. But my blind mentality used to tell me it is just a bad luck or the world is against me and the idea of finishing my life was becoming more frequent. Being immersed in all those problems and bad feelings I agreed to go to Renascent and in three weeks of treatment I found the solution to all my problems and a new lifestyle. I listen and follow their recommendations very closely and in a very short time I started to get my life back. It has been five years of being clean and sober and I got everything back but multiplied by 10! I can’t believe how far I’m able to get because Renascent showed me the path of having magnificent life. Today my kids are back, I’m married again expecting a new baby and working in a dream job. Renascent is the best thing happen in my life and I will be grateful forever!! ”

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What does it mean to be Accredited?

We are proudly accredited and in good standing with the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. This means that we have undergone an extensive review of our practices and procedures to ensure they meet the rigorous standards for quality of care, and organizational performance.

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