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Addiction Treatment That Fits Your Needs

Begin your journey toward addiction recovery with Renascent’s provincially-funded Virtual Intensive Treatment Program. In Renascent’s evidence-informed program, you will get the flexibility and support you need from an expert team, at no cost.

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Our Commitment to Addiction Treatment

We recognize that the need for addiction treatment and support has never been greater. As always, Renascent is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our clients and their families where and when they need it most.

Affordable addiction treatment and services

As a not-for-profit, you can trust that our pricing is fair and affordable. Renascent offers two pathways to care: publicly funded inpatient treatment, and our fee-for-service Complete Care program. Our generous donors ensure you’ll never be turned away from addiction treatment because of a lack of funds. Insurance coverage is accepted.

Access Addiction Programs

Get the help you need right now to begin the recovery process. Through the Renascent Foundation and its generous donors, we offer affordably priced treatment programs and never turn anyone away due to financial circumstances. If you are unable to afford the cost of treatment, we encourage you to contact us to learn about other possible options for help, including our publicly funded program (available to Ontarians at no cost).

Trained and experienced addiction specialists

Your care team will include addiction-trained doctors, registered psychotherapists, certified addiction counsellors, and team members who have their own lived experience of addiction. Our team of experts are passionate about recovery and helping people get well.

Help for family members and loved ones

We offer specialized addiction support programs for individuals, families, children, workplaces, organizations, and communities impacted by drug and alcohol addictions. Click here to learn more.

Virtual Intensive Treatment

Renascent’s government-funded Virtual Addiction Treatment Program is an evidence-informed program that is accessible to Ontario residents who need help for alcohol and drug addiction. This program offers six-weeks of intensive treatment, followed by six months of Continuing Care, and lifetime alumni support – all delivered virtually.

This transformational program is delivered by experts in the field of addiction and offers convenience, accountability, security, and connection.

Treatment and Support

Our trusted, comprehensive addiction programs take place in safe, caring treatment centres or in the comfort of your own home. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction, and offer support for family members too. Your care will be an evidence-based, accredited program designed just for you.

Inpatient Care

Get around-the-clock counselling and support from our expert team of clinicians and certified drug and alcohol specialists in safe, home-like addiction treatment centres.

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Intensive Outpatient Care

Gain access to comprehensive, abstinence-based addiction treatment, support, and counselling from your own home with our intensive virtual care and outpatient programs.

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Continuing Care

Continue with the positive steps you took during the first phase of your treatment with our flexible aftercare programs, all delivered virtually when and where you need it.

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Family Care

Help those closest to you to heal in partnership with you: our online and essential family care programs help adults, parents, and children cope with the effects of addiction. Addiction is a family illness, so is recovery.

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Stay connected with lifetime support for you and your family with workshops, social events, a newsletter, a recovery community, and much much more.

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Renascent’s Corporate Complete Care Solutions team is available to support employees and employers. We are also pleased to partner with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

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Addiction Rehab Services

in the Greater Toronto Area

Founded in 1970, Renascent offers evidence-informed, trauma-informed care that addresses drug and alcohol addiction and concurrent mental health issues. Proudly accredited, Renascent is one of Ontario’s largest and longest-standing addiction treatment providers. 

We have four addiction treatment centres: three in Toronto and one in Brooklin, Ontario. Over the past 50 years, we have helped more than 50,000 people with our programs and services for individuals, families, and organizations for addiction recovery, education, and prevention. 

Our comprehensive treatment programs give our clients and their families support from the detox process through to aftercare, with the tools and opportunities to enjoy life-long recovery and freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

We understand addiction, and we can help. Talk to us today.


What Our Clients Say

See what some of our clients have to say about Renascent.

“Flashback to December 2007… I wondered how I would be able to celebrate Christmas (my fav time of the year) without it being the same as every other year. How would we wake up that morning without having Dad be a part of it, like every other year growing up? How would my brother and I open our stockings while Mom & Dad slept in a bit longer until we could all open gifts together and start the day? Well, life goes to show that you really can DO anything and really GET through anything. It’s all about dedication and commitment. That is exactly what my Dad did when he chose to reside at Renascent earlier that year for treatment & coaching. After many other facilities just didn’t seem to do the trick, when attending meetings just wasn’t enough & when he found a certain special connection with those also living and finding the same bond at Renascent, it’s truly what seemed to be the answer. My Dad struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and at times I wondered if there was ever going to be a time or place that would help him, but I was wrong. My Dad not only had memorable moments (which included us visiting him on December 25th and then merely a few weeks later, him coming home to celebrate Christmas all over again, at home, sober), he also found himself again. He found his purpose, his passions and his spark in life. He has been sober ever since and I cannot thank the amazing, caring people who were a part of his journey while he called Renascent his “home.” Thank you! ”

– Jessica Dury and her dad, Robert

“Renascent inpatient treatment gave me my first real shot at consistent sobriety. I could not stay sober for more than a few weeks on my own, and treatment changed this. I was able to clear the fog from my mind and take in all of the recovery tools and information offered in Renascent programming. Outpatient treatment helped me to come back from my most recent relapse. The outpatient counsellors were incredible. I felt like they genuinely cared, listened, and thought about my situation. They gave amazing specific advice and helped me grow spiritually and as a person in recovery. I am so grateful for the support and consistency of the program. ”

– Anonymous
Alumni, 2021

“A note of thank you to you and your team for the Family Support program. I did not realize that the family of the alcoholic was also on a journey. To me, it was a life struggle for my daughter and we had to support her as best we could. We were able to get professional support for our daughter, but the immediate family would remain in the background. With the Renascent organization, I am so glad to have learnt that my assumptions were wrong. I don’t talk to many people about my daughter’s issues and the stress it has caused our family life. I was alway thinking that my husband and I were strong people, and should be able to handle it. That was wrong. Personally, I found your readings simple but very effective. The videos were professional with great messages. The meetings were open and heart warming. Thank you for letting me participate in all of it. I am still worried that my daughter’s journey is far from over. At least now, she is on the journey to a better future. For me, I am happy to know that I can be on my own journey for recovery. Thank you.”

– Anonymous
Introduction to Family Care Alumni

“Renascent means hope to me. I was very skeptical of treatment helping me, but after finishing the Intensive Outpatient Program I can say it was a success. I am now following the path they helped me create. I will forever cherish the time I spent with Renascent. The counsellors and group were great!!!”

– Michael
Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni

“To Whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to say thank you for allowing me to take part in the Renascent aftercare program. This program has been an important bridge between leaving the Sullivan treatment house and entering the world fresh with my newfound sobriety. The fact that that I was able to see my housemates, counsellors, and discuss topics that related to my work in sobriety has been absolutely key in my success. I hope to be able one day to provide the means to give back what was so generously given to me. ”

– Matt C.
Alumni, 2020

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