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Over almost 50 years we have helped close to 50,000 people find recovery from their addictions, and we can help you too.

Your proven road to recovery from addiction starts here

Our treatment programs integrate the best available research and evidence
with our counsellors’ professional and personal expertise.

Addiction is a Family Disease

Our suite of Family Care Programs provide hope and healing for the entire family.

Our donors make miracles happen

When you donate to Renascent, you’re turning a life around.

Food addiction is real and recovery is possible

Just like drug and alcohol addiction, certain foods cause a similar addictive reaction for some people.

Nominate a Community Member

The Renascent Foundation presents the Peter Armstrong Community Award of Excellence to a person, organization, or company that deserves recognition for their inspiring contributions to, or support of, the recovery community.

The journey begins with “I need help.

Since 1970 we’ve helped almost 50,000 people, becoming an accredited national leader in providing hope and healing to individuals, families, loved ones, communities, and organizations impacted by addiction.

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Renascent: Your proven road to lasting recovery from addiction.

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Why Trust Renascent?

  • Almost 50 years of experience in treating addictions with over 45,000 people helped
  • Immediate access to treatment – no lengthy waiting lists
  • Not-for-profit with affordable treatment options – we will never turn you away due to lack of funds
  • 12 step evidence-based treatment programs: proven to be the most effective approach for lasting success
  • Gender specific treatment programs and centres
  • Trauma-informed care that addresses concurrent mental health issues
  • Comprehensive outpatient continuing care program
  • Help for families and loved ones with our suite of family care programs
  • Vital alumni community to ensure ongoing support
  • Experienced and educated addiction professionals with lived experience
  • Our centres are homes: warm, caring, non-institutional
  • Inclusive and diverse: feel free to be yourself
  • Proudly accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation
  • Insurance accepted

Our Commitment

Renascent is committed to providing recovery and hope to individuals, families, organizations, and communities affected by substance addictions. Our evidence-based programs are centred on the person and provide a strong abstinence and Twelve Step approach. We help people achieve lifelong recovery and freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Contact Us Today!

Contact us today with any questions, comments, or for more information on how Renascent can help you.