By volunteering your time, energy, and expertise, you can make a real difference to people who are taking their first steps in recovery – people who want freedom from the bonds of addiction, who want to change their lives and discover their true potential.

At Renascent, we welcome all volunteers with open arms. All you need is an honest desire to help.

Here are some ways you can be of service:

  • Peer/Alumni Support
  • Administrative support
  • Writing and research
  • Fundraising
  • Event support
Renascent Addiction Centre volunteer, Susan, cutting out fabric.


All volunteers who wish to contribute will be required to undergo screening and training. To reach out about volunteering for Renascent, please download the form below and send a completed copy to

What our volunteers say:

“With Renascent’s help, I learned the importance of giving in order to get back. Today, as a member of the Men’s Alumni Committee (Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre), I am able to lend assistance to those individuals who seek the benefits of recovery.”

“I had lost many things through the years, especially my self-esteem and self-worth. My volunteer experience really helped me remember and regain the qualities I once possessed. It’s now almost two years. I am grateful, sober, employed and I have a life thanks to Renascent.”

“Over the course of almost two years of being blessed with Renascent, I find hope and healing in being the conduit to which others can experience their own piece of peace. I am truly grateful to Renascent, and to everyone I’ve met along the way for giving me the tools to clear my own junk, and to live again.”