Renascent Foundation is committed to raising funds to ensure cost is not a barrier to those seeking treatment at Renascent, and with the help of donors we will set more people upon the road to recovery and create healthier communities.

Your gift will support life-saving programs such as:

• Inpatient Addiction Treatment

• Essential Family Care Program

• Children’s Program

• Continuing Care & Alumni Care Programs

• Research and Program Excellence

• Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Renascent operates three inpatient addiction treatment centres – two in Toronto and one in Durham Region, providing a safe, caring and home-like experience for our clients. We provide around-the-clock counselling and support from our professional team members with specialized addiction training, and lived experience of addiction and long-term recovery. Our centres and programs are gender-specific, and we work with non-binary and trans individuals in a person-centred way, ensuring the specific needs of all clients are met.

Grounded in a holistic approach to recovery, Renascent’s programs offer evidence-informed treatment approaches, medical care, and 12-step facilitation. Music, yoga, mindfulness and art are some of the activities that are integrated into the experience to enhance the clients’ living experience and recovery at our inpatient facilities.

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Essential Family Care Program

Renascent recognizes drug and alcohol addiction as a family disease and we see family members as clients in their own right. We offer help to all affected by someone else’s addiction, whether or not the person experiencing addiction is receiving treatment themselves.

Our Essential Family Care Program is tailored to meet the distinct needs of people impacted by a loved one’s drinking or drug use. We help family members and loved ones learn how addiction affects them and help them get the tools to set boundaries, and address enabling and codependent behaviours, so they too can begin their own recovery. The program includes group and one-to-one counselling with our team of addiction experts,

and continued aftercare.

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Children’s Program

Addiction impacts children too and our Children’s Program is designed to help children ages 7-13 develop practical tools for self-care and learn the skills to protect themselves from the effects of addiction. This program is open to all regardless of Renascent affiliation and it includes intensive programming, such as group and one-to-one counselling with our team of addiction experts, and continued aftercare.

Over the course of the program, kids learn that it is okay to hate the disease but love their parents. They learn practical tools to support self-care, communication, and the expression of emotions that may have been stifled. They learn that they are not alone and that other kids and families share their experience. The treatment program is powerful, yet allows kids to be kids.

Play, arts, and games help kids process addiction and recovery as a personal and family experience, in an age-appropriate way.

Continuing Care & Alumni Care Programs

Any big life change takes time and practice, and recovery from addiction is no different. Our Continuing Care Program provides 20 weeks of additional support to help protect recovery during the critical first few months after intensive addiction treatment to enable long-term recovery.

Our Continuing Care Program is available to anyone who has completed inpatient and outpatient treatment at Renascent, or any addiction treatment provider. Through the program, clients attend weekly sessions which include one-on-one counselling, as well as group counselling; clients receive intensive relapse prevention education; and structured content and assignments.

Our Alumni Care Program provides ongoing support to help sustain long-term recovery and offers workshops, social events and much more to keep Alumni engaged in their recovery journey.

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Research and Program Excellence

As an evidence-based organization, it is important for us to continually analyze the quality of our care and the impact of our services to ensure that we are consistently delivering exceptional care through our programs. Renascent partners with university and hospital-based research groups to conduct outcome studies and program evaluations. Strong data support and analytics capabilities within Renascent are essential to enabling ongoing research and program evaluation.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Renascent is committed to ensuring principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are at the core values of our work, and with ongoing focus, education and partnership with community stakeholders. Help us take this work to the next level by funding the creation of a dedicated position that will support increased access to treatment for marginalized populations impacted by substance use disorders.

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