Celebrate your recovery milestone at Renascent

Renascent addiction treatment centre recovery medallion and bouquet of purple flowers.

Do you have a sobriety milestone coming up? One year, five years, ten years, 15 years, or more?

There’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than to return to the place where it all started — Renascent.

Renascent is immensely proud of its alumni and wants to acknowledge your progress in recovery from alcohol, drug, or food addiction at a Milestone Alumni Meeting, where you will be presented with a special Renascent medallion to mark the milestone you’ve achieved in sobriety.

Milestone Alumni Meetings are very special. They recognize your achievement in maintaining your healthy recovery. They celebrate the continuity of the Renascent family, and they provide a much-needed sense of hope to our current residents who are still working in rehab towards their own recoveries.

Get Your Renascent Medallion

Let us know when you have a milestone coming up and we’ll set a date!
Email info@renascent.ca.