A note on language: We do not refer to Renascent addiction treatment programs as “rehab,” however we recognize that people use this term as they look for help for themselves or their loved ones. Read more on person-first language here.

How much does rehab cost in Ontario?

There’s no simple answer, as there’s not a single definition for rehab, and no one-size-fits-all solution for people who are seeking addiction treatment. Treatment can include live-in and outpatient addiction treatment, virtual treatment and specialized individual, group and family counselling. The costs for these vary, from publicly funded resources to fee-for-service programs.

The Cost of Toronto Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

We understand that the price of drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be a barrier. Through the Ontario Ministry of Health, Renascent Foundation and its generous donors, we are able to offer affordable treatment programs and never turn anyone away because of lack of funds.

At Renascent, we offer option pathways to what many people think of as “going to rehab.” They include publicly funded treatment options, and our fee-for-service Complete Care program. Renascent’s Complete Care program offers rapid access to 35 or 42 days of intensive live-in addiction Treatment and 6 months of weekly Virtual Continuing Care.

Renascent’s publicly funded live-in 28-day program is available to Ontarians 18 years and over and meets the criteria for live-in care.

Complete Care Program

Learn more about how Renascent supports healthy and ongoing recovery with our Complete Care Program.

The program includes Intensive Live-In, Continuing Care, Family Care, and Alumni Programs.

35 or 42 days in live-in treatment

as of January 1, 2023

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  • Rapid access to our 35 or 42 day live-in treatment options
  • 6 months of weekly continuing care
  • Accredited, Evidence-Informed, Gender Responsive Programs and Centre’s 
  • Essential Family Care and Alumni Programs
  • Withdrawal Management/Detox Coordination
  • Trauma-Informed and Concurrent Capable Care
  • Abstinence-Based Treatment Model

Please call us to inquire about our Fee For Service Pricing at 1-866-232-1212

Ontario Government Funded Rehab 

Through the Ontario Ministry of Health, and the Renascent Foundation and its generous donors, we are able to offer affordably priced treatment programs and never turn anyone away because of lack of funds. If you are unable to afford the cost of treatment, we encourage you to contact us to learn about other possible options for help, including our publicly funded program.

For corporate pricing, see our Workplace Solutions

Our Commitment 

As a not-for-profit and a charitable organization, you can be confident that we put people before profits, and offer a life-changing experience. Every dollar goes back into providing affordable, effective, and accessible services. If you are unable to afford the cost of treatment, please contact our Access Centre to learn about possible options: 1-866-232-1212

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Which Renascent Addiction Treatment Program is Right for You?

Knowing which addiction treatment is right for you can be overwhelming especially when you have many options accessible to you. Here at Renascent, we offer free confidential treatment program consultations to help you define which programs are right for you. Here are some things that we consider during your consultation:

Do you have good social support?

Having a good social support system is an important factor to look at when comparing live-in and virtual intensive programs. You may be asking, what does it mean to have a good social support system? A good social support system means that you live in a well-structured and supportive home, and that your family and friends are part of your support system. If you are unsure on how to define whether or not you have a strong support system, Renascent is here to help.

Are you able to stop drinking or using?

It may seem obvious, but being able to stop using or drinking is an important part of your recovery journey and can define what type of addiction support is right for you. In some cases, people may seek addiction treatment in hopes that through treatment, the desire to drink or use will go away. In situations where someone may not be able to stop, the type of care may differ from someone else who is able to stop using or drinking. 

Live-In Treatment: 

ve-in treatment is what we call our inpatient care at Renascent. Here are some valuable aspects of live-in treatment: 

  • Supportive Environment: At Renascent, our staff and others seeking care have all been where you are. You will be surrounded by people who understand where you have been.
  • Gender-supportive centres: At Renascent, we have gender supportive centres and programs to ensure that the unique needs of men, women, and gender-diverse people are met.
  • Holistic Recovery: During your recovery your overall wellbeing is important to us and is provided for. We provide nutritious meals and snacks throughout your stay. Our centres also have fitness centres where you can practice or find a new exercise routine. 
  • Individual Counselling:  Our programs address both drug and alcohol addictions, with our centres we believe in creating a welcoming space for all. We can work with you to decide which treatment centre is the right fit for you. 
  • Continuing Care: After you finish your program at one of Renascent’s live-in centres, you are never alone with our Continuing Care program

“I recently started a new career. My wife and I live like we are 80-year-old people. We are happy to be up early; we cook and clean. We’re happy to be here with the kids. That’s my goal, to be present for them. When I used drugs, I had dreams of doing fun, exhilarating things and I never did any of them. Now, I have dreams and can put action to them.”

Joel is a Renascent alumni, and can now find joy in all areas of his life. Read his story.

 “Having someone counsel me who I could relate to was so inspiring. I had been told so many times that my love for my kids should be ‘enough.’ Being with people who understood this was a disease was so freeing.”

Our counsellors have been where you are, read Megan’s story

“In recovery life is still hard, but now I have tools that I can use to get through the rough spots and I stay sober “one day at a time.”

At Renascent, you are never alone and are always supported, read Patty’s story. 

Virtual Intensive Treatment:

  • Recovery with Family and Friends: Virtual intensive treatment means you can lean on support from your friends and family. 
  • Convenience: Virtual programming ensures flexibility for your life.
  • Security: We value and prioritize your safety and privacy. Our systems are secure and encrypted. 
  • Expert Care: Our sessions are evidence-informed and are led by certified experts. 
  • Connection: The online format of virtual intensive treatment gives way to foster meaningful connection among clients during sessions.

“It gave me the space and time to explore and stop and reflect in a way I had never done before. It led me to a community that truly understands what it is to live with addiction, to struggle and to come out the other side. Everyone is looking out for the best for you.”

Read more about Matthew’s experience with Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Treatment program.

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