I get to go back to my daughter the changed man and father that this 6-year old little girl deserves

I would like to thank Renascent and their counsellors. They gave me so much to go back home with – the love, the support, the knowledge and spirituality I can share with others. I am grateful that Renascent was chosen for me and that I no longer need to walk alone. I get to go back to my daughter the changed man and father that this 6-year old little girl deserves. I recommend this treatment centre to anyone who wishes to change and that has lost touch with God. I will never forget my experience and I am proud to be an alumni of the Renascent family. Thank you for everything!


Renascent Alumni

Thank you so very much for the past 28 days of treatment

Dear every counsellor, client, and instructor at Renascent; Thank you so very much for the past 28 days of treatment. It truly changed my life for the better! Is this goodbye? Absolutely not! Truly, I sincerely will forever appreciate the life and positive path you have shown me. I’ll be back soon to say ‘hi’ as an alumni; never again hopefully as a client.


Renascent Alumni

Renascent helped me through the first and hardest steps of abstinence-based living

Renascent has helped me grow and grow into the man I wanted to be all my life. They’ve given me all the tools I need to succeed going forward and helped me through the first and hardest steps of abstinence-based living. All the people who work here are incredible and very nice. Thank you! I came and I listened to everything they said and now I can go live a happy life.

Andy A.

Renascent Alumni

A game-changer for me

I am extremely grateful for my experience with the Virtual Intensive Treatment Program. The program has played a pivotal role in my journey to recovery, and I can't express enough how much it has positively impacted my life. The structure of the VITP was instrumental in helping me regain control and stability in my life. The carefully designed program components provided a comprehensive and supportive approach to my treatment. This structure allowed me to balance my recovery with my life commitments, which was a game-changer for me.


Virtual Intensive Treatment Program Alumni

HOPE. Thanks for all that and then some.

I would love to thank the wonderful staff at this Centre. The genuine and selfless help I received here will have a lasting impression on me. I appreciate all I have learned about myself and especially the improved outlook on life.

By learning that I have options and showing me about opening these doors of opportunities, you guys have given me something I had previously given up on getting. HOPE. Thanks for all that and then some. Thanks to the counsellors, the cooks, and everyone who helped me behind the scenes.

I needed this and all the suffering addicts need this. This, being the pure genuine effort to help the seemingly hopeless and lost.


Renascent Alumni

Thank you Renascent staff!

I have struggled for years and have never understood what my old sponsor meant when he said, “get our of your way!” Coming to Renascent, I had issues with so many things (rules, people, etc.) but something quite medical happened here. I sat down and listened. I had what I can only described as a “magical epiphany” thanks to the help of all of the counsellors. Thank you Renascent staff! I will forever be grateful for you giving me a second chance and believing in me.

Aaron V.

Thank you all for showing me another way of life

This program really helped me. I didn’t quite understand the nature of my disease or how to stop. Now I have a better understanding and know the supports I have in my corner.

I want to sincerely thank everyone involved with Renascent for giving me this opportunity to turn my life around. The tools I have now will help me keep my sobriety. For that, I will always be grateful. Self-worth/respect, fellowship, and a plan for my future; you have given me all of this and more. I will live my life with honesty and gratitude going forward. Thank you all for showing me another way of life.

Renascent Alumni

The house is a blessing

I want to thank everyone for taking time out to help me with my life; and giving me another chance to be happy about myself and with myself. The house is a blessing so from the top to the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Derek D.

Words can’t even express how thankful and grateful I am for what Renascent has done for me

Words can’t even express how thankful and grateful I am for what Renascent has done for me. I came in very nervous and anxious because it’s my first time undergoing any sort of rehab/treatment. The counsellors though made me feel welcome and comfortable. I greatly appreciate their hospitality.

Other than learning about alcoholism/addictions, they helped me learn more about myself and my character defects. I am now leaving Renascent with a better head on my shoulders and feeling like a 2.0 version of myself. To the counsellors and staff, once again, I thank you.

Christopher G.

I highly recommend Renascent

I highly recommend Renascent as an invaluable stepping stone for the beginning of sober life. All counsellors have a message to deliver and all have a different approach to giving it. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the program. Thank you!

Gregg A.

I have been struggling through my entire life with trauma

I have been struggling through my entire life with trauma, substance abuse, and a lot of grief. I never accepted any of my issues and always avoided and refused to face my demons. Entering Renascent’s doors has given me and my family our lives back. I feel complete again. Thank you!


A New & Amazing Chapter

Flashback to December 2007… I wondered how I would be able to celebrate Christmas (my fav time of the year) without it being the same as every other year. How would we wake up that morning without having Dad be a part of it, like every other year growing up? How would my brother and I open our stockings while Mom & Dad slept in a bit longer until we could all open gifts together and start the day? Well, life goes to show that you really can DO anything and really GET through anything. It's all about dedication and commitment. That is exactly what my Dad did when he chose to reside at Renascent earlier that year for treatment & coaching. After many other facilities just didn’t seem to do the trick, when attending meetings just wasn’t enough & when he found a certain special connection with those also living and finding the same bond at Renascent, it’s truly what seemed to be the answer. My Dad struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and at times I wondered if there was ever going to be a time or place that would help him, but I was wrong. My Dad not only had memorable moments (which included us visiting him on December 25th and then merely a few weeks later, him coming home to celebrate Christmas all over again, at home, sober), he also found himself again. He found his purpose, his passions and his spark in life. He has been sober ever since and I cannot thank the amazing, caring people who were a part of his journey while he called Renascent his “home.” Thank you!

Jessica Dury and her dad, Robert

I was able to clear the fog from my mind and take in all of the recovery tools

Renascent inpatient treatment gave me my first real shot at consistent sobriety. I could not stay sober for more than a few weeks on my own, and treatment changed this. I was able to clear the fog from my mind and take in all of the recovery tools and information offered in Renascent programming. Outpatient treatment helped me to come back from my most recent relapse. The outpatient counsellors were incredible. I felt like they genuinely cared, listened, and thought about my situation. They gave amazing specific advice and helped me grow spiritually and as a person in recovery. I am so grateful for the support and consistency of the program.


Alumni, 2021

I am happy to know that I can be on my own journey for recovery

A note of thank you to you and your team for the Family Support program. I did not realize that the family of the alcoholic was also on a journey. To me, it was a life struggle for my daughter and we had to support her as best we could. We were able to get professional support for our daughter, but the immediate family would remain in the background.

With the Renascent organization, I am so glad to have learnt that my assumptions were wrong. I don't talk to many people about my daughter's issues and the stress it has caused our family life. I was alway thinking that my husband and I were strong people, and should be able to handle it. That was wrong. Personally, I found your readings simple but very effective. The videos were professional with great messages. The meetings were open and heart warming. Thank you for letting me participate in all of it.

I am still worried that my daughter's journey is far from over. At least now, she is on the journey to a better future. For me, I am happy to know that I can be on my own journey for recovery. Thank you.


Introduction to Family Care Alumni

Renascent means hope to me

Renascent means hope to me. I was very skeptical of treatment helping me, but after finishing the Intensive Outpatient Program I can say it was a success. I am now following the path they helped me create. I will forever cherish the time I spent with Renascent. The counsellors and group were great!!!


Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni

A note to donors

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to say thank you for allowing me to take part in the Renascent aftercare program.

This program has been an important bridge between leaving the Sullivan treatment house and entering the world fresh with my newfound sobriety. The fact that that I was able to see my housemates, counsellors, and discuss topics that related to my work in sobriety has been absolutely key in my success. I hope to be able one day to provide the means to give back what was so generously given to me.

Matt C.

Alumni, 2020

If it worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you

I finished a 28-day program on March 11, 2020. Today is January 1, 2021 and I'm still clean and sober. I am very grateful for Renascent and the staff for helping me start my new journey in life. I got a sponsor and joined a home group, so if you're struggling with addiction, make the call and get a date to go to Renascent and start your new journey. If it worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you. Happy New Year.

Maxwell Miller

Alumni, 2020

Incredibly helpful

Incredibly helpful and incredible team of counsellors. When I was in crisis and not wanting to reach out, they reached to me and brought me back where I needed to be.


Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni, 2020

I have found joy in all of life’s gifts

While facing a heart wrenching breakup and having to find a new place to live with my two-year-old twin babies, life felt unbearably unfair. I felt engulfed with emotions with no one to understand what I was going through. I have never been one to ask for help or reach out. On April 27th, 2019 I was charged with impaired driving and my children were taken from me for their safety. That pain of losing my two greatest gifts and heart's desires made everything else I was going through seem conquerable. I was given a second chance with the Renascent Fellowship Outpatient Program, which transformed my life.

The program gave me material to help me understand and process that I was going through. It gave me connections to those who understood, and it gave me tools to keep me from using alcohol to numb my pain (given that I utilized those tools). Upon practicing the 12 steps of action with a trusted fellow, going through intensive emotional trauma work, and working closely with my family doctor and holistic practitioners, I have found joy in all of life’s gifts whether good or bad, and I am healing my resentments. I am beyond grateful to Renscent's counsellors for practicing the principles “Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality, and Service” Your compassion, acceptance, and understanding has helped me practise the same.

I am now grateful to continue to pass on that love through service work with Renascent Fellowship. With my Higher Power in control, my obsession to use alcohol for numbing was lifted. My children were returned to me. My outlook on life shifted beyond my wildest dreams as I still, and will always, continue the maintenance work to keep me well and FINALLY feeling safe to connect, receive, and show up authentically in all my relationships. Contributions that help the virtual intensive outpatient programs run are saving lives and supporting struggling citizens become grateful members of society.

Christina S.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni, 2020

The best thing that happened to me was my own recovery

I completed Renascent's Introduction to Family Care program in March of 2020 and have been attending the Alumni weekly meetings on a regular basis. I qualify for this program because I have a loved one who was in rehab at Renascent and opted to join the family program because my parents and I realized that everything we thought we were doing right was not working and we needed help. Our loved one had relapsed once early on, but it was short and he was back in recovery almost immediately. We didn’t understand that this could happen over and over again. Subsequent relapses were different – my sibling was using for a long time before he made the decision to get help and he relapsed again shortly after attending rehab for a third time. Needless to say, we were beside ourselves with worry, anxiety, and fear for his health and safety.

As the COVID pandemic was almost in full swing when he came out of rehab at Renascent, we were only able to complete the family program via a conference bridge and conducted all the meetings via phone. Despite these challenges, we learned in the family program. A lot. We learned that we were enabling, we learned that we weren’t the cause, we couldn’t cure him and we certainly couldn’t control his actions. It seems like such a simple statement now but it took the engagement and learning with the Renascent team to really understand what this meant for us. At the end of March we had the tools and information we needed to help ourselves but candidly, I did not have the full confidence of my convictions until I joined the weekly family alumni call. There were so many people who were in various phases of their journeys sharing many similar experiences. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me – to find a group of people who understood what I was going through and who only wanted to give and receive help. The shared understanding and perspectives gave me hope and I felt the support and encouragement of everyone in those meetings. But the best thing that happened to me as a result of these calls over the course of nine months was my own recovery. Not everyone will understand this at first (I certainly didn’t) but this is the path that you will follow to both heal yourself and allow your loved one to heal themselves. I learned to take care of myself first, to live my best life, and support my loved one from a distance. Everything I've learned and put into practice has only strengthened my relationship with my sibling. It’s not easy, it won’t happen overnight and it can be a long journey, but you will have many people from Renascent and from the alumni program who help you along the way, especially when you need it most. I am so grateful to Renascent and their amazing staff for all they do and how much they care. I will keep coming back!


Introduction to Family Care Alumni

I truly owe my life to you

I believe you guys have quite literally been an integral part of saving my life, and I cannot ever thank you enough. I would never have believed a year ago that I could have a life that I’m building now, and it started with the staff at Renascent Graham Munro Centre. I’ll never be able to repay the debt, but I do everything I can to honour the life you guys helped give back to me through being of service and living with gratitude.

I dedicate my one year medallion to the incredible women who give their time, their experience, strength and hope and their attention to the girls who pass through that house. Few will appreciate nearly enough what you do for us, but I pray and thank my high power every day for you all.

I truly owe my life to you guys,

Thank you.

Jennifer F

Alumni, Renascent Graham Munro Centre

Today I am happy and live a fulfilling life

I completed the virtual outpatient program this past summer, after trying two other residential programs in the last year. The virtual outpatient program allowed me to build a community-based recovery program (AA) while receiving expert individual and group counselling. Some of the counsellors were in recovery and all understood the unique nature of this disease. They were skilled in their role as counsellors, as well as compassionate. They were adept in navigating online video group sessions and made full use of the benefits of this technology. I felt that my privacy was completely protected and secure. Because it was a virtual program, I could bring new or ongoing life issues to the program in real time and receive on the spot advice to help me resolve them. Today I am happy and live a fulfilling life. My family and I thank you for the life-altering treatment you have provided.


Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program Alumni, 2020

Today I am Sober

The Continuing care program offered at Renascent was absolutely exceptional.

Steve H was a pillar of strength, positivity, and encouragement. Steve gave me the essential tools to extrapolate the deep root of my issues, fostering me, and was a huge part of re-structuring my life. In addition; I was taught to take a much more open-minded and mature approach toward facing my fears, anger, and life on life’s terms.

My life has changed more than I could have ever imagined, as doors keep opening up for me as the promises state in the Big Book. My valiant efforts and working this program have given me the ability to create a new architectural pattern of living.

Today I am sober, and have the love of my family. I am living proof that this program works, and that is enough.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the program, and to the counsellors, especially Steve H, and John B.

With perpetual gratitude.

Your friend,

Jeff R

Renascent showed me the path of having magnificent life

I started drinking and using drugs at very young age. At the very beginning it was fun but the but after few years the fun was gone and without noticing I was drinking and using few time per week. I thought that is what young people do. After some years of trying to keep that lifestyle I became a daily drinker and user, however I was able to keep a job and a relationship and I used to think “I have the job and the girl, everything is fine.” I had to ignore some other little problems to keep my fake happiness alive.

In the blink of an eye my employer got tired of my frequent calling in sick and the girl left because of my lies, and on top of that, the little problems became realities I had to face: eviction notice from my landlord, collection agency calls for unpaid bills, suspended driver license, and the worst feeling of being away from my two kids from my first marriage.

But my blind mentality used to tell me it is just a bad luck or the world is against me and the idea of finishing my life was becoming more frequent.

Being immersed in all those problems and bad feelings I agreed to go to Renascent and in three weeks of treatment I found the solution to all my problems and a new lifestyle. I listen and follow their recommendations very closely and in a very short time I started to get my life back.

It has been five years of being clean and sober and I got everything back but multiplied by 10! I can’t believe how far I’m able to get because Renascent showed me the path of having magnificent life.

Today my kids are back, I’m married again expecting a new baby and working in a dream job.

Renascent is the best thing happen in my life and I will be grateful forever!!

Fabian C.

I’m still amazed

After drinking for 44 years, dying and desperate for help, I was lucky enough to be referred to Renascent for treatment. Like most of us addicts and alcoholics, I thought it was too late for me and the chances of success was indeed very limited. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Once I got to the house, it did not take long for my fear to dissipate, everyone was so welcoming and warm and the atmosphere was extremely soothing, I felt safe.

I followed the program, I did what I was told and once I was out, I used all the tools that were given to me and all the lessons that I had learned. The result? I have been clean and sober ever since, it will be 7 years in September. I’m still amazed when I say it out loud…lol!

Now here comes the best part of my journey: two months after I graduated from Renascent, my daughter had the courage to also seek help for her drug addiction and alcoholism. Same experience happened to her and she will also be clean and sober for 7 years. That is the best gift Renascent could ever have given me. My daughter’s life and a chance for us to have a future, a normal peaceful life. A chance for her to become a mother, a sober mother. A chance for me to become a grandmother, a sober, normal and loving grandmother. But Renascent did not stop there.

Recently, my ex-husband who had been so proud of my daughter and me for the past years, who is also an addict and alcoholic, who could not find the strength and the courage to follow our footsteps, finally gave up this life of chaos and drama and disease and went through Renascent as well. And they saved his life too. By doing so, our family is finally whole and reunited. He is clean and sober for the first time in 45 years; it’s amazing to watch him transform into the real man he is meant to be.

So ask me if I think the program at Renascent works, all I can say is a big loud YES! I mean three lives saved in just one family, how can you not have faith in this program? If you read this and wonder if this would work for you or one of your family member or a dear friend, wonder no more, Renascent is your best chance at success and a better life.

On behalf of my family and me, thank you so much Renascent and all the staff that helped us become who we are now (you know who you are, you saved us and I will be forever grateful.



Suzanne Newton

The Family Program Changed my Life

To this day, there is not a shadow of a doubt that the Family Program changed my life and saved my life.

The counsellors at Renascent are world-class, and the best in the business in my opinion.

I had a lot to learn about being a family member — a mom of an adult child who was going through the inpatient program. I had to learn how to live again and not grip the table wondering when our son was going to relapse.

Six years later, as we continue as a family to practice what we learned, we are all thriving, happy, and healthy.

Our counsellor Heather said something to me one day in the early days that I think about every day:

“As long as we are working our program, the disease of alcoholism and addiction will have no power over us.”

It is those wise words that are practical and doable that help me LIVE my BEST life.


Essential Family Care Program Alumni

Renascent Changed my Life

In 1985 as my life was spinning out of control as a result of my ever-increasing addiction, I was referred to Renascent through a family member. At the time I felt it was the worst decision ever made, but by the end of my 28-day stay, I began to realize it was the best decision I would ever make. This past March, I celebrated 30 years of continued recovery and have worked in the addiction field as a counsellor for the past 25 years for Renascent, which has turned out to be the second best decision I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Renascent for helping me change my life and the opportunity to be a part of the recovery of others.

Michel Robert, ICADC

Alumni, 1985

Renascent is in the service of caring for families

Renascent is in the service of caring for families. All family members are affected by a loved one’s addiction, and at Renascent we recognize that need and are able to guide each family member into their own path of recovery. Dr. Robert Ackerman states that, “Addiction is not a spectator sport.” I agree, and I would also state that it is the same for recovery. In order for families to move out of addiction in the healthiest way, all families must become involved in the process of recovery.


Renascent Lillian & Don Wright Family Health Centre

I will be forever grateful

I went through Renascent in September 2007, and I am still clean and sober. I have a life now that I never dreamt possible. I can’t really put into words the impact it has had on my life: I didn’t get my life back, I got a whole new life.

I will be forever grateful for all I learned at Renascent and for the time the counsellors spent with me, trying to bring me back into the land of the living. I will never be able to pay you back but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure my family is even happier they don’t have to deal with the old me anymore


Renascent Madison Avenue Centre Alumni, September 2007

Simple yet powerful program

The simple yet powerful 21-day program was pivotal in my recovery. Prior to coming in to Renascent, I had tried to get sober for close to 4 years without continuity or success. Renascent showed me how to kickstart my path. The 12-step program was essential for learning how to live one day at a time. I am humbled and grateful to say that I have been sober ever since my time as Renascent. Forever thankful.


Renascent Graham Munro Centre Alumni, January 2012

I highly recommend

The Continuing Care program was an excellent follow on to the time spent living at Renascent, to help transition to day-to-day life sober. It helped to have an experienced counsellor to talk with for guidance dealing with any challenges and to review all the tools we now have to remain on a path to sobriety. I highly recommend the Continuing Care program to anyone going through the program at Renascent.

Chuck Q.

Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre Alumni, December 2015

Continuing Care was Great

"Continuing Care was a great addition to my time spent a Renascent. It really helped to drive home everything we learned during treatment and gave an opportunity to talk about how to apply the principles of the program to real life situations. The transition from living in the treatment centre to living a day-to-day life was a lot more manageable having a connection to the program for months to follow.”

Jeff L

Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre Alumni, 2015

Every day is a new day

When entering Renascent I had many doubts: nobody knows how I feel, the struggles I have, I will never reach sobriety. The counsellors at Renascent did not read about addiction in a book, they too walked the journey to recovery and understood every step I went through, and were there to help me through my meltdowns, my doubts, and gave me the strength to continue into sobriety. Now eight months into recovery, every day is a new day. I just completed my aftercare through Renascent which has been such a great support; my counsellor Stacey is a godsend. Thank you Renascent for giving me the knowledge, strength and tools to continue my journey in sobriety and to help others along the way into recovery.

Aimee W

Renascent Graham Munro Centre Alumni, 2015

Today, I know Peace

I came to Renascent as a client in December 2014 after an overdose and stayed four weeks, through Christmas and New Years, as I knew that I would likely not live through the holiday season without attending treatment. Those first few days in treatment were terrifying – I felt alone, directionless and despairing. By some miracle, I was able to settle in and seek guidance and wisdom from the counsellors at Graham Munro Centre. I committed myself to being honest in confronting my fears and reservations about embarking on this journey, as well as opening myself to the possibility that I was worthy of peace, joy and contentment.

While in treatment, I struggled to accept that at 24 years old, my addiction had become so severe that abstinence from all substances was necessary. I had not yet reached a point of full surrender, and despite this, I had the unwavering support of the counsellors I worked with. Knowing that the staff at Renascent had walked a similar journey before me planted a seed – one that has now grown beyond belief.

Recovery is not a walk in the park, but my life has flourished in ways I did not think I deserved. There are very few words that describe what I’ve experienced over the past year and a half of sobriety. While in treatment at Renascent, I was promised that recovery would offer me a new freedom and a new happiness, and that no matter the depths of my despair, my experience would benefit others. Today, I comprehend the word serenity in a way that language cannot describe. Today, I know peace.


Graham Munro Centre Alumni, January 2015

Thank You, Renascent…

Renascent offered me a safe place in which I could learn to start living again. I had been in and out of multiple rehabs over the years and even had attempted Renascent a couple times and couldn’t ever seem to make it through the 28 days. It was on my third time through the house and a new rock bottom that I finally grasped the program and understood the benefits of Renascent: a strong community, a sisterhood of like-minded individuals, proper nutrition, group sessions (which were both educational AND applicable to real life situations), admirable & inspiring staff, and an excellent after-care program. I really appreciated how, over my 28 days, Renascent took us to AA meetings in the area which I felt really helped to introduce newcomers to the recovery community; I felt very integrated into AA so when I left the house I had already been familiarized with meetings and saw some friendly faces. I am clean and sober over 10 months now and still visit Renascent to say hello when I can… it feels like a home away from home and was where my life-changing journey of healing began!

This time last year I was homeless, hopeless, and dead inside. Thank you, Renascent…

If you are reading reviews for this place and are struggling I want you to know that this was the place where I finally stripped away the masks I wore and found my true self. This placed helped me to connect with fellows, friends & mentors, and guided me out from rock bottom and up into a state of peace, safety and serenity. The energy of the house and the heart within the community is there for us to connect with if we choose to. When I found within myself the need & desire for serious personal and spiritual growth, Renascent provided opportunity, encouragement, and an introduction to the rooms of AA.


Renascent Graham Munro Centre Alumni, 2017

I don’t know where I would be…

My partner was in the program in Whitby and many times I was told I should attend an Al-Anon meeting but my response was always “Why? I’m not the one with the problem; I don’t need recovery, he does.” Well, the day we checked him into the program again I was told “Maybe consider Al-Anon” and “had I thought about my own recovery…” Again, “I’M NOT SICK” however maybe people are seeing something I’m not, so I enrolled into the Family Program. At this point my life could not possibly get any worse and I was tired…

I never realized how sick and damaged I too had become until I enrolled in the Family Program. I spent so much time trying to help my alcoholic, and being new parents ,trying to make sure our new baby was healthy and cared for, I stopped helping and caring about myself. The only regret that I have is that I wasn’t able to attend the program in person due to travel and being a new parent. Still at times I feel very lost but I go to my meetings in my hometown and I become grounded again and realize I’m not alone. If it wasn’t for this program, when my alcoholic in recovery relapsed almost immediately after coming home from Whitby, and again after 17 months sober, I don’t know where I would be, so thank you Renascent for allowing me to find me again and giving me the tools to continue to push forward.


Family Care Program Alumni, 2017

I Can’t Thank You Enough

I am sending this as a thank you for everything that you have done for me (and with me), everything you’ve put into my recovery and going above and beyond since my graduation from the house.

My life is getting better day by day and this feeling, for the first time in my life, is not related to my weight, my size or a diet I am following.

I have spent so many years missing out, hiding, isolating, being afraid to see people or participate “until I can eat normally ” or “until I lose weight”.

In the past two weeks, I have accepted invitations for 2 weekends away at cottages, one bbq, one wedding and I booked a trip out west to Banff to visit friends. I’ve sourced grocery stores in the areas and made hosts aware that I am preparing my own meals.

I started hiking again. Today I entertained guests, serving them mostly foods that are on the plan, as well as a couple of other items, which did not bother me in the least. No triggers. No uncomfortable feelings.

I am also in the process of booking a trip to Mexico for January. I haven’t been on a vacation in 7 years and I had not had any time off work in 3 years before my stay at Renascent.

I can’t thank you enough. I’d say you’ve given me my life back but it sort of feels like I’ve been given a new life altogether.


Renascent Graham Munro Centre Alumni, January 2018

Thank you for This Amazing Gift of Life

I never really felt as though people cared for me. For many years people have been dropping out of my life faster than the speed of light. The only people I had to care for me were those getting paid, sometimes in a legal sense but, more often than not, illegal. For the first time in a long time I feel like someone, with no attachments or price in mind, is caring for me and so much so that it is saving my life.

When I was 13 my mother had passed away, only 6 months after my sister died. This is when I first found alcohol. It became my everyday release, up until April 28, 2018! Not too long after I was introduced to alcohol I had found ecstasy. It was my joy of all joys! By the time I was 14, in 2009, my father had kicked me out and I was left to figure it out alone. I was at the awkward age where a shelter couldn’t even accept me, so I called Children’s Aid and begged for help. At this time I had been self harming, as it was the only way I knew how to handle my internal struggle. Every home I went to would send me off to the psychiatric wards, stating I was completely unlovable and definitely unfixable. But it was okay (in my mind) because I always had alcohol and that had always managed to make my worries disappear.

When I was 16, and finally allowed at the shelter, I finally felt at home, like I was no longer alone. Not long after, I became pregnant with a beautiful little boy. He had kept me pretty well sober up until he was born. Almost immediately I started drinking again and using cocaine on weekends when he wasn’t around. The chaos became too much and I asked the grandparents (on the father’s side) to watch him, as I knew I was unhealthy and would only end up dragging my son down with me if I had kept custody.

I had these few things I told myself (promised myself, actually) that I would never do: crack, crystal meth, heroin, and prostitution. Within 3 years I was doing all of that. And then I met this really wealthy man, whom I really thought I loved. He brought me anything but love. He almost killed me not once, twice, or even 3 times but rather every other weekend. So quite obviously my using progressed. This is when I started overdosing. I truly didn’t care if I lived or died. If I lived it was another change to get high and if I died at least the pain stopped. I was broken, hopeless, and completely alone. Up until about a month ago. Even filling out applications I didn’t really know what to think. This disease, of addiction, had my brain so distorted.

And then the phone call came. I was dope-sick, lying in bed, begging for something to change. I knew there wasn’t much time before this disease would take my life. So I answered the phone. “Hello, is this _____?” they asked. “Yes” I answered, very wary as to why Renascent had been calling. At this time I was told that they had received special donations to help a select few people who were in dire crisis. I was in shock, but something in me changed. I became hopeful and I was grateful. I was told that because of my high-risk situation, I was actually the first person they were calling. In that moment I finally felt important, cared for, and even a little loved. I felt like my life was worth living!

Because of you guys, you amazing, beautiful, caring souls, I’ve been given the gift of life. I’ve been given the first 42 days of my new life. I’m learning routine, I’m learning how to be around people and not isolate. I’m learning how to care for myself and better yet love myself, all over again.

I don’t know how I could ever express my gratitude to all you anonymous donors. You’ve given my son the chance to have his mother again, and the chance for my family to be proud rather than scared.

You have saved my life and there are no words that could ever show my gratitude. Thank you for this amazing gift of life.


Renascent Graham Munro Centre Alumni, April 2018

This Program Changed my Life

Three years ago I joined the Family Aftercare program Renascent House offers. This program changed my life. It gave me the tools that I used to get out of a co-dependant relationship I had with my oldest son. Through this program I was able to stand up for myself, to set boundaries and to move on to look after me without feeling so much guilt. It gave me tools that to this day I still use. I am forever grateful to this program.

After doing this program I had enough energy and belief that I moved on, I moved away and started to look after me. I stayed in touch with my sons, but constantly remembered the program and the tools, and learned to say NO when I had to. I had the opportunity to connect back with my dearest friend and spend 2 1/2 years with him, laughing, going to the park, and having picnics and sharing some amazing times, before he passed away.

To the people who assisted with this program and myself, to give me courage when I felt helpless, to give me laughter where I felt tears and strength where I felt weak, I thank you all.

Maggie O.

Essential Family Care Program Alumni, 2016

I am living a happy, well-balanced life

My addiction started when I was six years old, when my father gave me my first shot of moonshine to numb a toothache but forgot to tell me to spit it out. After that I got the taste for alcohol and was going around drinking leftovers from my mother’s party and trying to smoke the butts of the cigarettes that were still burning. Later on, my addiction took over my life and instead of taking care of myself and my family, I chose to drink and smoke crack. I ended up living in a bush for 3 years and collecting ODSP, which I spent on my addiction instead of looking for shelter. I was in and out of jail five times in the course of my life (if you want to call it a life), which made me angry and resentful. After trying treatment a couple of times I still was not ready to surrender myself to a sober life. It took nearly dying to come to reality about my drinking and smoking crack. That day on Feb 28,2014 I was committed to my recovery and my life has been blessed since then. I went to school to become a counsellor for addictions; that way I might be able to help people who are on the path of self destitution before it is too late. I am living a happy, well-balanced life now and enjoying my freedom from my addiction.

Michael G.

Alumni, February 2014

Nothing Like I Expected

When I went to Renascent I thought it would be a lot worse than what I experienced. I thought it would be hospital beds and people telling me what to do. It was not anything like that. It was the best experience of my life. It let me shut down and learn. It gave me freedom from fear. It gave me the tools I needed to plough through the world we live in now.



I Was Ready

I have been to Renascent a few times but I was only really ready the last time I went, which was February 12/2020. This time I was ready to listen. I am so grateful for the staff who are all in recovery themselves. I myself would recommend Renascent treatment centre to anybody who wants to give themselves a chance to get clean and sober. Once again I am very grateful to the house and staff. Thank you Renascent.

Max M.

Alumni, 2020

Second to None

I arrived at Renascent Madison Avenue Centre in early February of 2020 after a 14-day detox at Ossington Detox and a short stay at CAMH in their CAITS program.

Upon entering I was greeted by a likeminded fellow who introduced himself and welcomed me to what he described as a great place to be and get well. At the time I had no idea how right that statement was or how just stepping over that threshold would become the truly first step in the reclamation of my life.

During my stay I was introduced to a group of counsellors who can only be described as “second to none”. The healing and work, while sometimes emotionally painful, was delivered in a thoughtful, honest and at times almost paternal fashion, which allowed me to feel I had entered a safe nonjudgmental place where my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which were paramount to my recovery, would be guarded and protected by these men.

Renascent is not just a place to go and detox so a return to one’s previous life becomes possible. It is instead, a place where you go to examine your failings and through this process learn and acquire the tools to live a sober life that is better and healthier than anything I had experienced previously.

In my case it took years to learn and engrain the behaviours that led to my alcoholism and learning to change these behaviours and living a sober, honest and meaningful life would not come from my 28-day program. While a great start it for me was just the first step on this journey.

Before completing my inpatient alcohol abuse treatment program, I was fortunate enough to be gifted a bursary so that I could refine my gained knowledge by attending the Renascent Continuing Care program. Originally, these sessions were held at Renascent Madison Avenue Centre under the stewardship of Steve Holt and David Elliot.

Then the pandemic changed all of that and so much more.

Being in early recovery is difficult at the best of times but then, introduce a global pandemic to the mix and it can become a toxic and dangerous place for anybody. However, to an alcoholic this is an even more treacherous place to be as without access to the fellowships that help beyond measure to keep one safe from harm, previous behaviours can find the small crack needed to fester in the mind and rain havoc with one’s thinking.

Fortunately for me, I was not left alone and have access to my counsellors and group as Renascent in general and Renascent Madison Avenue Centre specifically read the signs and jumped in with both feet to deliver our aftercare remotely. Not only through our Zoom meetings but also as needed, Steve Holt and David Elliot have made themselves available for one on one discussion as well as email and telephone communication.

As I approach completion of my 20-week Continuing Care aftercare program I know in my heart that without the help, knowledge and support of the Renascent team, I would be in a quite different place today.

As I continue this journey I do so with gratitude and hope, two things desperately lacking from my life for an awfully long time.

Knowing that the door at Renascent Madison Avenue Centre is always open even if just for a chat and a catch up gives me a sense of calm, that along with the many friendships I have formed help keep me focused on a daily basis.

Please know that for me, Renascent is a place where lives are reinvented to be lived to the fullest in a sober, healthy and spiritual manner.

Warm regards,

David R.

Alumni, 2020