I came to Renascent as a client in December 2014 after an overdose and stayed four weeks, through Christmas and New Years, as I knew that I would likely not live through the holiday season without attending treatment. Those first few days in treatment were terrifying – I felt alone, directionless and despairing. By some miracle, I was able to settle in and seek guidance and wisdom from the counsellors at Graham Munro Centre. I committed myself to being honest in confronting my fears and reservations about embarking on this journey, as well as opening myself to the possibility that I was worthy of peace, joy and contentment.

While in treatment, I struggled to accept that at 24 years old, my addiction had become so severe that abstinence from all substances was necessary. I had not yet reached a point of full surrender, and despite this, I had the unwavering support of the counsellors I worked with. Knowing that the staff at Renascent had walked a similar journey before me planted a seed – one that has now grown beyond belief.

Recovery is not a walk in the park, but my life has flourished in ways I did not think I deserved. There are very few words that describe what I’ve experienced over the past year and a half of sobriety. While in treatment at Renascent, I was promised that recovery would offer me a new freedom and a new happiness, and that no matter the depths of my despair, my experience would benefit others. Today, I comprehend the word serenity in a way that language cannot describe. Today, I know peace.


Graham Munro Centre, January 2015

The simple yet powerful 21-day program was pivotal in my recovery. Prior to coming in to Renascent, I had tried to get sober for close to 4 years without continuity or success. Renascent showed me how to kickstart my path. The 12-step program was essential for learning how to live one day at a time. I am humbled and grateful to say that I have been sober ever since my time as Renascent. Forever thankful.


Graham Munro Centre, January 2012

I went through Renascent in September 2007, and I am still clean and sober. I have a life now that I never dreamt possible. I can’t really put into words the impact it has had on my life: I didn’t get my life back, I got a whole new life.

I will be forever grateful for all I learned at Renascent and for the time the counsellors spent with me, trying to bring me back into the land of the living. I will never be able to pay you back but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure my family is even happier they don’t have to deal with the old me anymore


Punanai, September 2007

The Continuing Care program was an excellent follow on to the time spent living at Renascent, to help transition to day-to-day life sober. It helped to have an experienced counsellor to talk with for guidance dealing with any challenges and to review all the tools we now have to remain on a path to sobriety. I highly recommend the Continuing Care program to anyone going through the program at Renascent.

Chuck Q.

Paul J. Sullivan Centre, December 2015

Renascent is in the service of caring for families. All family members are affected by a loved one’s addiction, and at Renascent we recognize that need and are able to guide each family member into their own path of recovery. Dr. Robert Ackerman states that, “Addiction is not a spectator sport.” I agree, and I would also state that it is the same for recovery. In order for families to move out of addiction in the healthiest way, all families must become involved in the process of recovery.


The Lillian and Don Wright Family Health Centre

In 1985 as my life was spinning out of control as a result of my ever-increasing addiction, I was referred to Renascent through a family member. At the time I felt it was the worst decision ever made, but by the end of my 28-day stay, I began to realize it was the best decision I would ever make. This past March, I celebrated 30 years of continued recovery and have worked in the addiction field as a counsellor for the past 25 years for Renascent, which has turned out to be the second best decision I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Renascent for helping me change my life and the opportunity to be a part of the recovery of others.

Michel Robert, ICADC

To this day, there is not a shadow of a doubt that the Family Program changed my life and saved my life.

The counsellors at Renascent are world-class, and the best in the business in my opinion.

I had a lot to learn about being a family member — a mom of an adult child who was going through the inpatient program. I had to learn how to live again and not grip the table wondering when our son was going to relapse.

Six years later, as we continue as a family to practice what we learned, we are all thriving, happy, and healthy.

Our counsellor Heather said something to me one day in the early days that I think about every day:

“As long as we are working our program, the disease of alcoholism and addiction will have no power over us.”

It is those wise words that are practical and doable that help me LIVE my BEST life.

Counsellor, AMC

After drinking for 44 years, dying and desperate for help, I was lucky enough to be referred to Renascent for treatment. Like most of us addicts and alcoholics, I thought it was too late for me and the chances of success was indeed very limited. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Once I got to the house, it did not take long for my fear to dissipate, everyone was so welcoming and warm and the atmosphere was extremely soothing, I felt safe.

I followed the program, I did what I was told and once I was out, I used all the tools that were given to me and all the lessons that I had learned. The result? I have been clean and sober ever since, it will be 7 years in September. I’m still amazed when I say it out loud…lol!

Now here comes the best part of my journey: two months after I graduated from Renascent, my daughter had the courage to also seek help for her drug addiction and alcoholism. Same experience happened to her and she will also be clean and sober for 7 years. That is the best gift Renascent could ever have given me. My daughter’s life and a chance for us to have a future, a normal peaceful life. A chance for her to become a mother, a sober mother. A chance for me to become a grandmother, a sober, normal and loving grandmother. But Renascent did not stop there.

Recently, my ex-husband who had been so proud of my daughter and me for the past years, who is also an addict and alcoholic, who could not find the strength and the courage to follow our footsteps, finally gave up this life of chaos and drama and disease and went through Renascent as well. And they saved his life too. By doing so, our family is finally whole and reunited. He is clean and sober for the first time in 45 years; it’s amazing to watch him transform into the real man he is meant to be.

So ask me if I think the program at Renascent works, all I can say is a big loud YES! I mean three lives saved in just one family, how can you not have faith in this program? If you read this and wonder if this would work for you or one of your family member or a dear friend, wonder no more, Renascent is your best chance at success and a better life.

On behalf of my family and me, thank you so much Renascent and all the staff that helped us become who we are now (you know who you are J ), you saved us and I will be forever grateful.


Suzanne Newton

I started drinking and using drugs at very young age. At the very beginning it was fun but the but after few years the fun was gone and without noticing I was drinking and using few time per week. I thought that is what young people do. After some years of trying to keep that lifestyle I became a daily drinker and user, however I was able to keep a job and a relationship and I used to think “I have the job and the girl, everything is fine.” I had to ignore some other little problems to keep my fake happiness alive.

In the blink of an eye my employer got tired of my frequent calling in sick and the girl left because of my lies, and on top of that, the little problems became realities I had to face: eviction notice from my landlord, collection agency calls for unpaid bills, suspended driver license, and the worst feeling of being away from my two kids from my first marriage.

But my blind mentality used to tell me it is just a bad luck or the world is against me and the idea of finishing my life was becoming more frequent.

Being immersed in all those problems and bad feelings I agreed to go to Renascent and in three weeks of treatment I found the solution to all my problems and a new lifestyle. I listen and follow their recommendations very closely and in a very short time I started to get my life back.

It has been five years of being clean and sober and I got everything back but multiplied by 10! I can’t believe how far I’m able to get because Renascent showed me the path of having magnificent life.

Today my kids are back, I’m married again expecting a new baby and working in a dream job.

Renascent is the best thing happen in my life and I will be grateful forever!!

Fabian C.

When entering Renascent I had many doubts: nobody knows how I feel, the struggles I have, I will never reach sobriety. The counsellors at Renascent did not read about addiction in a book, they too walked the journey to recovery and understood every step I went through, and were there to help me through my meltdowns, my doubts, and gave me the strength to continue into sobriety. Now eight months into recovery, every day is a new day. I just completed my aftercare through Renascent which has been such a great support; my counsellor Stacey is a godsend. Thank you Renascent for giving me the knowledge, strength and tools to continue my journey in sobriety and to help others along the way into recovery.

Aimee W

Munro, 2015

Continuing Care was a great addition to my time spent a Renascent. It really helped to drive home everything we learned during treatment and gave an opportunity to talk about how to apply the principles of the program to real life situations. The transition from living in the treatment centre to living a day-to-day life was a lot more manageable having a connection to the program for months to follow.”

Jeff L

Sullivan, 2015

The Continuing care program offered at Renascent was absolutely exceptional.

Steve H was a pillar of strength, positivity, and encouragement.Steve gave me the essential tools to extrapolate the deep root of my issues, fostering me, and was a huge part of re-structuring my life. In addition; I was taught to take a much more open-minded and mature approach toward facing my fears, anger, and life on life’s terms.

My life has changed more than I could have ever imagined, as doors keep opening up for me as the promises state in the Big Book. My valiant efforts and working this program have given me the ability to create a new architectural pattern of living.

Today I am sober, and have the love of my family. I am living proof that this program works, and that is enough.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the program, and to the counsellors, especially Steve H, and John B.
With perpetual gratitude.
Your friend,

Jeff R

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