Renascent provides an abstinence-based Virtual Intensive Treatment Program (VITP) as part of its continuum of care to help ensure clients can enter substance abuse treatment at a level appropriate to their needs. Clients in this program are able to step-up or down to a different intensity of treatment, if needed.

Renascent’s VITP allows clients to address their substance use disorder with support, safety, and structure. This includes:

  • Intensive Treatment – six weeks
  • Continuing Care (aftercare) Program – six months
  • Alumni Care Program – lifetime membership

Family members and loved ones are invited to participate in Renascent’s Essential Family Care Program (Family Program) at no cost, including a four-week introduction to our family care workshop.

Clients are required to maintain abstinence and attend 12-step community meetings regularly while in the program.

Person on online group meeting

Providing Complete Flexibility

Renascent’s VITP allows clients to continue with their lifestyle. They can be with loved ones as they live at home during recovery and keep-up with their jobs, schooling, and family commitments. This Program is a less intensive structure and works best for people who find a strong support system in their family and friends or who currently live in a structured supportive housing environment. It is part-time and does not require presence and participation 24-hours a day. 

Renascent’s VITP provides flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives. Programs are delivered over video and teleconference, and clients engage in group sessions twice a day, five days a week (Monday to Friday). Clients receive four or more individual counselling sessions or assessments over the six-week duration of the intensive treatment. Each session is one hour long and there are four types of sessions.

Daytime Intensive Treatment Program Schedule

Evening Intensive Treatment Program Schedule

Core and Enhanced Program Services

The following core and enhanced services have been incorporated into Renascent’s VITP. Clients receive the services that are best suited to their individual needs.

  • Program orientation and intake
  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment
  • Individual treatment planning
  • Group counselling
  • Individual counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Psychoeducational programming
  • Case management
  • Transition management and discharge planning
  • Integration of clients into mutual-help and community-based support groups
  • Nicotine Cessation Treatment
  • Crisis coverage
  • Referrals to community supports including:
    • housing
    • medical treatment and supports
    • mental health & psychotherapy
    • life-skills development and educational services
    • legal services
    • family supports

If you have additional questions about the Program, please contact an admissions counsellor: 1-866-232-1212.