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  • Perspective: Sitting on a Cloud

    The day after the dinner and dance at the ORC, I was literally bounding around, bolstered by the jubilant energy of the whole event. Granted, I was extra smiley that day, but it was diminished by a slight from a person who said, “Aha. You’re on a pink cloud. Just wait for what comes next,” followed by a knowing smirk. He had the same patronizing tenor I had heard before from others, with just a dash of bitter pessimism added in as though he were waiting for my bubble to burst.


    What is the Pink Cloud and How Does It Affect Your Recovery?

    Many addicts and alcoholics are known to live in high extremes when they are using. This tendency often remains in progression after they become clean or sober. Thus, many people in early recovery go through a phase of extra-heightened happiness and excitement that often even creates euphoria about their newfound life in recovery. This phase in recovery is often referred to as the Pink Cloud.