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  • Young Adults Should Look for 12-Step Groups With Peers

    Young people who are looking to start participating in a 12-step program should, whenever possible, begin with meetings that are specially designated for young people, to help them feel connected and engaged. After this initial engagement, however, young adults may find it more beneficial to branch out to more mixed-age meetings. Older people are more likely to have long-term sobriety, and generally have greater life experience and wisdom.


    Perspective: The end of isolation

    by Bill C. Prior to coming to Alcoholics Anonymous, I had no honest insight or clarity concerning my self-destructive behaviours. My relationship with the world had been distorted and somewhat delusional. Little or no meaningful personal relationships or true friendships with my family, and many regrets, kept me apart from instead of a part of. … Continued


    Perspective: Recognizing Myself in You

    Through all of my drinking days, I never got enough. Not enough attention, not enough love, not enough understanding – not enough of anything. I always wanted more. More of what, I couldn’t have told you at the time. I didn’t even know that this was my story, because I was stuck in it – but my story it was until I found recovery.