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  • Alumni Perspective: Using my Journey to Help Other Women Find Theirs

    It has not been an easy road getting here. After many attempts at staying sober, losing everything I ever cared about and loved, including my children and my marriage, I finally gained enough of what I now know is humility to work an honest program of recovery. I needed the humility to throw away my old ways of thinking and commit to keeping an open mind while working through the 12 steps. I came back to AA after an 8-year relapse, broken and hating myself. With this commitment I learned about my old coping skills and the “nature” of my wrongs and how they were truly blocking me from any spiritual relationship.


    Video: Dysfunctional Family Roles

    Family is something that we all have…some good and some not so much! When you are dealing with a dysfunctional family as a child, you can take one a role in order to survive. Here are four of the roles that children take on to cope and deal with the negative and unhealthy family environment. … Continued


    Al-Anon Perspective: Step 8

    by P.C. I have my list for Step 8 from my Step 4 inventory. This step holds me accountable to the harms I have caused others. Step 8 awakens me to clarity. I have heard a common phrase in the rooms for years: “What is your part?” and I was asked to consider, could it … Continued