Category: Rehab and Recovery

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  • Fostering Healing and Recovery Through Virtual Connection

    While the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic thrust many people into using virtually technology, this online world was already a core part of Kimberly O’Connor professional life. As an addiction counsellor and professional hypnotist, she always worked in a virtual environment, providing one-on-one support online through her private practice. So when Kimberly joined Renascent’s Virtual … Continued


    Supporting a Truly Inclusive Recovery Environment

    Michael LeBlanc remembers the exact moment when he first declared that he wanted to become an addictions counsellor. At the time, he was in treatment himself at Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre (Sullivan Centre), for a debilitating addiction to crystal meth. Having started drinking at an early age, Michael’s addiction slowly progressed over the years. … Continued