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  • Patrick’s Story: Moving Beyond Stigma

    Everyone’s “bottom” is different. For Patrick, his came one day in April 2020, after a culmination of many unfortunate events, including the end of a relationship and coming close to homelessness. Patrick would have sought help sooner, but it was the stigma associated with addiction that kept him from taking the steps he needed to … Continued


    Counsellor’s Corner: Alex Pley Shares How Wisdom Found in an Unsuspecting Movie Helped His Recovery

    By Alex Pley, Addictions Counsellor, Renascent’s Punanai Treatment Centre There is an abundance of recovery resources available to anyone at all times in our modern world, but very few have left a lasting impact on me and my own personal program of recovery. I considered sharing certain books I read throughout my education or 12-step … Continued


    Integrating Therapeutic Approaches: How Renascent’s Evidence-Based Approach Supports Lifelong Recovery

    Portions of this article are excerpted and adapted from the upcoming book Hope Against Hope, authored by Renascent’s Clinical Director Michael Lochran and consulting Psychotherapist Laura Cavanagh. Hope Against Hope’s anticipated release is in 2022. A Brief History For more than 40 years before Bill Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), alcoholism was considered to be … Continued


    Alumni Perspective: Step 8

    By Jomana A., Renascent Alumni Step 8: “Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.“ As a newcomer, I sat in meetings and heard my fellow recovering alcoholics talk about Step 8. Confusion and fear coloured my approach to Step 8. Thanks to good sponsorship, … Continued