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  • Alumni Perspective: Using my Journey to Help Other Women Find Theirs

    It has not been an easy road getting here. After many attempts at staying sober, losing everything I ever cared about and loved, including my children and my marriage, I finally gained enough of what I now know is humility to work an honest program of recovery. I needed the humility to throw away my old ways of thinking and commit to keeping an open mind while working through the 12 steps. I came back to AA after an 8-year relapse, broken and hating myself. With this commitment I learned about my old coping skills and the “nature” of my wrongs and how they were truly blocking me from any spiritual relationship.


    Video: Dysfunctional Family Roles

    Family is something that we all have…some good and some not so much! When you are dealing with a dysfunctional family as a child, you can take one a role in order to survive. Here are four of the roles that children take on to cope and deal with the negative and unhealthy family environment. … Continued


    Thanksgiving From A Distance: Four Tips to Keep Connections Alive

    While we’re all following the guidance from public health officials and staying home this Thanksgiving weekend, it’s time to find creative ways to share gratitude and stay connected. Not being able to gather with other households is an opportunity to create some new Thanksgiving traditions that let us share gratitude with loved ones while keeping … Continued


    What is Self-Care?

    This coming July 24th is International Self-Care Day, making this the perfect time to check in on your own self-care and assess if there is room for improvement. Too often, self-care gets described as a face mask and a glass of wine. The truth is, self-care is the combination of healthy activities you can do … Continued


    Self-Care: Why Does It Matter?

    Transforming unhelpful ways of living is different for everyone. For one person, a commitment to not work so many hours a week may be the key to restoring harmony in his life and relationships. For another, the answer may lie in her reducing the inordinate amount of time wasted texting, tweeting or Facebook surfing instead of engaging in authentic face-to-face interactions. If we can begin by allocating even 5-10 minutes a day to fuel our mind with a healthier stillness diet, it will do wonders in no time – not only in how we feel, but in how our brain gets rewired … and our priorities too.