Author: Renascent Staff

What is Self-Care?

This coming July 24th is International Self-Care Day, making this the perfect time to check in on your own self-care and assess if there is room for improvement. Too often, self-care gets described as a face mask and a glass of wine. The truth is, self-care is the combination of healthy activities you can do … Continued

Meet Prabhi, Certified Addictions Counsellor, currently working at Renascent’s Stage One Stabilization Centre

I look at the pre-treatment stabilization centre as a place for clients to recognize their abilities to address their substance use despite the extreme external changes. It provides hope for clients that sobriety can be maintained through crisis.  When the effects of this pandemic became more apparent, it created a lot of tension, concern, confusion, … Continued

Anti-Racism and Oppression Statement

As the events of the last weeks in Georgia, Minnesota, Louisville, and Toronto and the protests now happening worldwide have brought the issue of anti-Black racism and oppression to the public attention, the Renascent Diversity Committee and Senior Leadership have been discussing the impact on our communities. Personally, our hearts go out to the family … Continued

Crack Addiction

Crack is considered the most addictive form of cocaine. The side effects and symptoms of addiction, including overdose, psychosis, and violent behaviour, also make it one of the most dangerous. If an addiction to crack is affecting your life, we understand and we can help. Addiction to powerful drugs like crack makes it harder and … Continued