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  • New Partnership Brings Improved Access to Addiction Treatment for Indigenous Communities

    With a growing number of people experiencing substance use challenges, the need for increased access to high-quality addiction treatment has never been greater in Ontario. A new partnership between Renascent and M’Wikwedong Indigenous Friendship Centre (MIFC) is creating easier and faster access to life-changing addiction treatment for members of the Indigenous Communities of Owen Sound … Continued


    Speaking of language

    At Renascent, we use person-first language. Person-first language is language that acknowledges someone as a person before describing their personal attributes or health conditions. Calling someone an addict dehumanizes that person and can link a substance use disorder to their individual identity. A person is not defined by their illness or health condition. Language that … Continued


    How to Address Challenging Substance Use Issues at Work 

    According to the Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, 74% of Ontarians are experiencing increased mental health and addictions challenges. This has far-reaching impacts given that a person’s substance use may negatively affect their physical and mental health, work, family, friends, finances, spirituality, and sexuality.  It is important for challenges related to substance use to be … Continued


    How to Identify if an Employee is Experiencing Challenges with Substance Use

    Prohibited substance use is a concern for everyone in a workplace. There are direct and indirect human and economic impacts to uncontrolled employee substance use, including the loss of productivity, absenteeism, increased safety risks, retention and recruitment costs, as well as disability insurance costs. Having a comprehensive approach to workplace health can help reduce these … Continued


    Fostering Healing and Recovery Through Virtual Connection

    While the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic thrust many people into using virtually technology, this online world was already a core part of Kimberly O’Connor professional life. As an addiction counsellor and professional hypnotist, she always worked in a virtual environment, providing one-on-one support online through her private practice. So when Kimberly joined Renascent’s Virtual … Continued


    Supporting a Truly Inclusive Recovery Environment

    Michael LeBlanc remembers the exact moment when he first declared that he wanted to become an addictions counsellor. At the time, he was in treatment himself at Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre (Sullivan Centre), for a debilitating addiction to crystal meth. Having started drinking at an early age, Michael’s addiction slowly progressed over the years. … Continued


    Spring Gifts at Work: A Message of Thanks

    Each year as spring comes around, there is an enhanced sense of optimism as we look forward to warmer weather, more sunshine and new spring flowers. At Renascent, we have a similar sense of optimism year-round when new clients walk through our doors. We know that within our programs and treatment homes there is a … Continued