Nathalie’s Perspective: Step 7

My name is Nathalie, and I am an Alcoholic and grateful to be an Alumni with Renascent. This is my personal experience with Step 7.

Step 7 of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) involves humbly asking a Higher Power to remove our “character defects.” The pivotal part of this Step is often humility. 

The 7th Step of AA encourages self-reflection so a person can acknowledge their flaws and seek spiritual guidance for personal growth. This, for me, has been a true living experience. I am able to shift my thoughts once I catch myself by self-monitoring my motives. If I connect that a character defect is present, I instantly ask my Higher Power to remove my ego, selfishness, self-centeredness, or any defects that might stand in the way of my purpose today; one day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time.

It is okay to be humble enough to recognize when I may be unregulated about a situation. Once I apply Step 7 and turn my defects over, I instantly discover a sense of ease and comfort that my Higher Power is doing for me exactly what is designed for this journey in sobriety.

“God Drives My Bus!” is what I have on my Medallion. Remain humble and focus on progress not perfection. 

It is okay to make mistakes; this is how I/we learn. Choose character-building over comfort. It’s important to recognize and accept that emotional discomfort and pain are a part of the process. 

Focus on being humble and selfless instead of self-centered. Humility is a necessary part of developing a sober and fulfilling life. Be patient with self and others.

This is an incredible life journey!     

Grateful, Humble, Sober Alcoholic, Nathalie C.
God Drives My Bus!!

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