Category: Substance Abuse in the Workplace

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  • How to Address Challenging Substance Use Issues at Work 

    According to the Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, 74% of Ontarians are experiencing increased mental health and addictions challenges. This has far-reaching impacts given that a person’s substance use may negatively affect their physical and mental health, work, family, friends, finances, spirituality, and sexuality.  It is important for challenges related to substance use to be … Continued


    How to Identify if an Employee is Experiencing Challenges with Substance Use

    Prohibited substance use is a concern for everyone in a workplace. There are direct and indirect human and economic impacts to uncontrolled employee substance use, including the loss of productivity, absenteeism, increased safety risks, retention and recruitment costs, as well as disability insurance costs. Having a comprehensive approach to workplace health can help reduce these … Continued