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  • Leaving a Stamp on Life

    Richards father had a passion for stamp collecting. Over decades and throughout his recovery, the Royal Canadian Navy veteran purchased and stored hundreds of Canadian stamps. So after he passed, Richard and his sister knew they wanted to give the collection – along with many of their father’s other belongings – to those who would … Continued


    Practical Ways of Nipping Anger in the Bud

    Addiction recovery often involves dealing with anger. Anger may be directed at oneself, at specific people, at less-specific entities (like law enforcement or institutions), or at society as a whole. Without learning to process anger in a constructive manner, it is difficult for a person with an addiction to move forward toward recovery, as anger … Continued


    Russell’s Story: I was dead on the inside

    March 13, 1994 was the date that Russell took his last drink. For 25 years prior to that, Russell drank heavily. “Before to coming to Renascent, I would have never believed that recovery was possible for me,” says Russell candidly. “I was as low as you could get without losing your life.” Russell recalls meeting … Continued


    Colin’s Reflection on Anger

    By Colin W., Renascent Alumni & Relief Counsellor Meditation, self-reflection, and physical activity such as, working out or yoga, can be effective tools for managing anger in individuals in recovery from addiction. These practices can help increase self-awareness and regulate emotions, leading to more positive and constructive responses to challenging situations. It’s important to remember … Continued


    Michael’s Perspective: Step 3

    By Michael G, Renascent Alumni Step 3 of the 12-step recovery program asks us to ‘…turn our will and our lives over to the care of God/our Higher Power, as we understood him/them’. When I initially read through the 12 Steps, I immediately made a mental note that Step 3 was a no-go for me. … Continued