Author: Donna Harris

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  • 5 Tips to Help Kids Build Resilience

    By: Sunil Boodhai, Manager – Family and Outpatient Programs Resilience is: a how a person navigates through adversity using internal and external resources to support healthy adaption, recovery and successful outcomes.  learned throughout a person’s life — we are always building resilience.  not something anyone is born with. Everyone can build resilience to deal with … Continued


    Counsellor’s Corner: Alex Pley Shares How Wisdom Found in an Unsuspecting Movie Helped His Recovery

    By Alex Pley, Addictions Counsellor, Renascent’s Punanai Treatment Centre There is an abundance of recovery resources available to anyone at all times in our modern world, but very few have left a lasting impact on me and my own personal program of recovery. I considered sharing certain books I read throughout my education or 12-step … Continued