Jasmine’s Story: A Recovery Filled with Gratitude

By Jasmine S., Graham Munro Treatment Centre, Alumni

I want to show my gratitude toward Renascent and the continuous assistance they provide me. I am also grateful that I have been fortunate enough to experience this endeavor called recovery, as some people are not as fortunate. I was at my lowest point; not being able to stop on my own, struggling to stay sober and not knowing what my next step would be. I was not happy, I felt isolated and stuck in the same cycle.  I did not care about myself and was very self-destructive when things became difficult.

I was involved in a car accident in 2015 that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. I had to stop doing what I loved in order to recover. I was condemned from many things, most importantly physical sports which provided me with a healthy mental stimulation. I started feeling depressed, anxious and suffered with PTSD. I used alcohol and drugs to cope, which lead to many more issues. Due to feeling sick and tired all the time, I was unable to be there for my son, which essentially made my conditions worst. My husband noticed that I was getting out of control and was not the same person anymore. He provided me with the option to go to rehab and receive some help, especially in order to save the marriage. I agreed and went to Renascent…it was a great experience.

I felt comfortable with the counsellors. They were very helpful, empathetic and knowing they have lived experience with addiction made it easier to open up about my story. They showed me how to cope without alcohol and taught me a new way of living which I am forever grateful for.

Unfortunately, after 5 months I relapsed. It was difficult at first to stay sober. I was struggling and did not know how to stay stopped. My husband was losing his patience and decided to leave with my son. I did what Renascent counsellors taught me to do….I started praying to a God. I was beyond hurt and knew this was not the way I wanted to live. I humbled myself and called Renascent again. With no judgement, the counsellors welcomed me back with open arms and lots of love. I am grateful that I went back.

I am 3 years sober now. I have never felt better. I have my full custody of my son and also have a daughter now. I am now living and enjoying every moment of sobriety. I have gained a new found energy and self-love which I was lacking in my life before Renascent. With the grace of God I continue to grow confidently and able to accomplish anything. I feel so free and genuinely happy.  Thank you Renascent for your continuous love and support.

I highly recommend reading the book “Ordinary People” to anyone in recovery or struggling with mental health or grief. At any time we can lose a loved one and life can spiral out of control, not knowing how to handle the situation. Accepting and forgiving yourself is important and it is what this book has taught me. It also provides ways to utilize healthy coping tools such as various therapies and expressing your emotions.

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