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  • The Practice of Mindfulness in Addiction Therapy

    What does the Big Book mean when it tells us He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? Be assured that God is not here primarily to take care of us and our desires. He is here to give us the tools and the power to do His work, not ours. The will of God is infinitely more satisfying than anything we could plan for ourselves. If you are not so sure about this, stick around until you are. You will be amazed before you are halfway through.


    Women now drinking almost as much as men

    by Ana Sandoiu   Traditionally, alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse have been more commonly associated with men than women. But as more women drink alcohol, a new analysis finds they are catching up with men at an unprecedented rate. This also means women are affected by the same harmful effects of alcohol as men, and the … Continued


    Breaking the Cycle: Tips for Recovering Parents

    What you are seeking here is aiding each child and the family as a whole to redefine their story based on an understanding of what things were like before, what happened that changed that, and what things are like now. These story reconstructions and storytelling processes are essential to personal and family recovery from addiction.


    Am I an Alcoholic or Drug Addict? 

    If, like most of us did, you spent years avoiding, denying or otherwise evading the question, consider this: People who don’t have a problem with drugs, alcohol or any kind of mind- or mood-altering substances, typically never ask themselves, “Am I an alcoholic or drug addict?”. It’s not even on their radar. Similar to the … Continued


    Young Adults Should Look for 12-Step Groups With Peers

    Young people who are looking to start participating in a 12-step program should, whenever possible, begin with meetings that are specially designated for young people, to help them feel connected and engaged. After this initial engagement, however, young adults may find it more beneficial to branch out to more mixed-age meetings. Older people are more likely to have long-term sobriety, and generally have greater life experience and wisdom.


    Harm reduction and abstinence

    Toronto city council voted yesterday to approve creating three safe injection sites in the city’s downtown core. With Toronto Public Health reporting a 41% increase in overdose rates between 2004 and 2013, the Toronto board of health unanimously supported the motion. While we at Renascent follow an abstinence-based model, for some people harm reduction (HR) can … Continued