Terry’s Story: One Step at a Time

In a recovery journey spanning over twenty years, Terry has learned a few things about persistence, commitment, surrender – and himself. “I’ve attended multiple programs and relapsed several times,” he says. But while he always thought ‘the next time would be different,’ it wasn’t until he embraced the spiritual aspect of recovery that things truly … Continued


Mark’s Perspective: Step 2

By Mark H., Renascent Alumni Step 2 proved more challenging for me than Step 1. Despite acknowledging my struggle with alcohol since 18, surrendering to a power greater than myself felt elusive. Sixteen years of fluctuating commitment to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) failed to bridge the gap. I was a 90-day wonder too many times to … Continued


Emily’s Perspective: Step 1

There’s an expression that the first step is often the hardest.  In my recovery, that’s certainly been the case. Of the 12 Steps, the first – admitting I am powerless over alcohol – is one I take every day. Through treatment, I’ve come to realize that the truth is, I’m an alcoholic. I can’t drink. If I … Continued