David’s Story: “Life has changed 180 degrees.”

After working as a cable television contractor for years, David is back at school studying to become a hearing instrument specialist. It’s a journey that he is very excited about, and one that was only possible because David found recovery at Renascent.

In May 2022, David walked through the doors of Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre after years of alcohol abuse and drug use. It was the fresh start that he so desperately needed.

“I was very nervous going into treatment. I was afraid of the unknown; I didn’t know what to expect,” shared David.

Despite his initial nerves, David’s time in treatment provided an opportunity for him to reflect on who he had become and the type of person he wanted to be in recovery. As he got settled into life at Sullivan Centre, David became more open to change and learning.

“In treatment, I became aware of the fact that my attitude and the way I reacted to situations was all my own doing. I was destroying my life and tearing myself apart in addiction,” shared David. “I didn’t realize how much help I needed and how much of an issue my addiction was until I entered the program at Renascent.”

“One of the most important learnings I took from treatment the importance of admitting your faults. You have to take a close look at yourself and figure out how to change,” said David. “Even after I completed treatment, I didn’t realize how much it positively affected my life. It was a good experience. The fact that every member of staff was in recovery, meant that they could all relate to my situation.”

In recovery, life is very different for David as he pursues school.

“I wasn’t headed anywhere good,” he said. “Life has changed 180 degrees. I haven’t been this stress free since I was six years old. Going to school brings me joy; sobriety and my family life are joyful too.”

After leaving treatment, David took a number of steps to help support his long-term recovery. Here are a few:

  • Working the Twelve Steps: I would definitely suggest the 12-Step program for anyone. It’s a way of life where you develop better principles. I had the biggest ah-ha moment doing Step 4. That Step is all about looking at yourself and realizing that when you point the finger at others, when you should be pointing it at yourself.
  • Get a sponsor: I found my sponsor at a second-stage treatment program I stayed at after Renascent.
  • An attitude shift: A positive attitude changes everything. If you think positively, then everything works out. Having an open mind is also important and can work wonders for your recovery.
  • Get additional support: I worked on changing my negative personality traits. I also went to meetings regularly – if you need additional help after treatment, seek it out.

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Renascent Staff
The staff at Renascent is passionate about helping people with substance addictions so they can reach their full recovery – with compassion, respect, empathy and understanding. Our staff includes our counsellors, all of whom have lived experience of addiction and recovery.