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  • Holiday Recovery Tips

    When you’re early in sobriety — or just going through a rough patch — the holidays can look pretty scary. All the hoopla, financial stress, the prospect of family get-togethers, being out of your comfort zone, or maybe the idea of spending the holidays on your own: these are all triggers for fear.Here’s some collected wisdom to help keep you clean and sober this holiday season.


    Video: How to Find Your Chosen Family

    A chosen family comes in handy whether you’re in recovery or not! We all seek comfort in our close friends when our traditional family ties are strained or otherwise difficult. In recovery, your chosen family is your recovery family, and that fellowship you share is the support system that can help you get through tougher family … Continued


    Perspective: The Sniff Test

    I realized it was time to develop a heightened level of awareness and some strategies to reduce the risk around the holidays. We are all going to find ourselves in situations where alcohol is served so it is important to have a plan or some options ready to deal with the situation.


    Recovering Your Family Holidays with the 12-Step Method

    Being restored to sanity during the holiday season boils down to one thing – giving of yourself and to others. If you go into situations wanting, you’re likely to come out wanting. But if you make it your goal to be of service to your family in whatever way you can, then your holiday will be a success no matter how anyone else behaves.


    Relationships and Valentine’s Day

    On this Valentine’s Day, if you are in a relationship, if you are in love, enjoy it. It is a wonderful feeling. Just don’t expect it to stay the same. If you are alone, don’t judge yourself and beat yourself up. Be kind and compassionate with yourself.