The Meaning of Renascent and Your Recovery

For a person struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, things can get to the point where life just isn’t working anymore; after all, all the good things and people are either going or gone, and mind-altering substances, with all the suffering and consequences they cause, have taken centre stage. To make matters worse, it can be hard to hold on to hope that things can change for the better because by the time someone reaches out and asks for help or opts for rehab, they have often already tried many ways of moderating and controlling their habit. Since nothing has worked permanently, it can seem as though treatment, too, is just one more temporary respite.

The fact is that other so-called band-aid solutions may have failed because they did not elicit any kind of transformation. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and kicking a drug or alcohol habit requires more than superficial adjustments, substitutions, or vows of willpower. Getting and staying sober requires, in effect, a kind of starting over. Renascent can help with your recovery.


A Better Way of Life Awaits in Recovery for Alcoholics, Addicts and their Families

You can hear it in our name: Renascent. Like the Renaissance, which literally means ‘re-birth’ in French and denotes the period of innovation, creativity and freedom that occurred after centuries of Dark Ages, our name signifies starting anew. The word ‘nascent’ literally means “just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential”… an apt description for the re-birth people experience when letting go of drug or alcohol dependency and embracing a new life of freedom from substance abuse. In 12-step meetings, participants celebrate sobriety ‘birthdays’ each year on their clean and dry anniversary date, so significant is that day when a new way of life was adopted.

Of course, coming into a new existence isn’t easy – there can be discomfort and challenges associated with new beginnings and growth. Yet nurturing that budding potential can pave the way for a life of joy and serenity that is unimaginable in active addiction. Imagine not needing to chemically alter the way you think and feel – being at ease with yourself no matter what is going on, having new and effective tools to deal with difficult emotions and situations, regaining the trust and respect of family, friends and employers. These are just a few of the promises that life in sobriety holds.


The Time for Healing from Addiction and Alcoholism is Now

With Spring always comes a sense of renewal after a long, cold winter. This rejuvenation is not just for Mother Nature, it is for all people, everywhere. If you believe you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol that just isn’t going away, and life isn’t getting better, don’t face another Spring filled with pain and frustration; call Renascent. We can help this be your year to recover from addictions and be present and contributing once more to the flow of life. Our mission is to guide you to a life of physical, mental and spiritual health; it’s how we’ve helped more than 45,000 people in the last four decades…more than 70 percent* of whom were still clean and sober two years after treatment.

We’re waiting to talk to you. We’ve been there, and we understand.

Wishing you health and happiness this Spring and beyond in your one-day-at-a-time recovery!

*(Sue Weinstein, Research & Evaluation Consultants, October 2008)

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