The Spirituality of Christmas

By Charles McMulkin, Spiritual Care Counsellor, Renascent

Every person’s spiritual journey is unique. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, Christmas is a season that lends itself to spiritual rebirth and growth.

Depending on your own spiritual journey you may accept the Christmas story, or believe the whole thing is a fairy tale that never happened. Either way Christmas is an opportunity to reflect on the life of a human person who wandered the earth reaching out to the lonely, the sick, the disturbed, and the impoverished.

One who tried to teach us how to live in the light. A light that each of us may choose to name with any one of a range of possibilities personal to us – or none.

That light is eternal – we all still look for that light. We rely on that light in our darkest moments and we celebrate that light as it brings its power and healing into our lives. This is the spiritual light that is Christmas. A light that we are fortunate enough to be able to embrace, celebrate, and walk in should we choose to do so.

Be we are only human. Each of us can have Christmas seasons when  perhaps we aren’t able to feel or project our light nearly as strongly as we have in other years. Sometimes the stress and situations we struggle with surrounding Christmas can cloud our light so that if we’re not careful we may miss it’s power completely.

Quiet spiritual communications, either in the early dawn hours or the quiet of the night, can ground us and centre us in that light,  and so enable us to keep it with us in the deepest chamber of our hearts as we go about our daily lives.

Christmas is our annual reminder that the light, should we choose to embrace it, still burns as brightly as ever.

Have a Happy Christmas!

The Renascent Treatment Community.

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