The Music Solution

by Carolan B Deacon

Do you ever think about why you like the music you like? Have you ever considered there may be more wonderful things happening inside you than just your listening pleasure while playing one of your favorite songs? I want to share with you four life-changing ways that music can heal your body, calm your mind and transform your life. So, read on, gather some of your favorite songs and experience the healing power of music in your life.

Amazing Musical Wellness Tool #1:

In your brain, there are different levels of brainwave activity and each responds differently to the type of music to which you listen.

Beta waves occur on a daily basis when dealing with everyday tasks and/or negative emotions. Certain types of music that you find irritating or upsetting can also induce this state.

Theta waves occur during periods of relaxation or meditation and produce peak levels of creativity. Deeply calming vocals and/or sound can help take you to this state of peak creativity.

Alpha brain waves happen when you are in a state of heightened awareness and calm. Most New Age and meditative music are aimed at directing your brainwaves to the alpha and theta state where powerful healing occurs.

Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect, explains that the slower the brain waves, the more relaxed you will feel. Simply put, the music you listen to changes your brain wave activity. Choose music that enhances your wellbeing and your creativity.

Amazing Musical Wellness Tool #2:

The positive or negative emotional response elicited by your music selection determines what is going on in your brain. Positive emotions increase dopamine which gives you feelings of joy, hopefulness and even euphoria. More, please!

This “feel good” chemical reaction you experience while listening to a powerful song positively affects all other bodily systems such as your immune system, cardiovascular system and your nervous system. Listening to healing music can also actually lower your systolic blood pressure and is used widely in rehab and treatment centers worldwide for this purpose alone.

Who knew that music could positively affect the body in such a powerful way?

Amazing Musical Wellness Tool #3:

When you sing, your breathing is stabilized and your lungs are cleansed. This oxygenates your blood and strengthens your pulmonary system. So sing strong! You are probably already aware that vocal singing can release repressed emotions and reveal our lighter, brighter selves! Singing a song that resonates with you can completely change your outlook and catapult you to a higher level of enjoyment and creativity.

Upbeat songs are felt more in your chest and head and slower ballads are felt more in your lower back and legs. You can experience this yourself by paying attention to the sensations in your body while listening to different types of music. As the music’s vibrational energy moves through your body, focus on your breath and take air into your lower belly. Now exhale powerfully as you sing your true self tune! Feel energized?

Amazing Musical Wellness Tool #4:

There is huge power in the spoken words of a song. Pay attention to the lyrics of what you are listening to and what you are singing because you are claiming that which you sing of for yourself.

Sound strange? Consider the lyrics of a song as a musical affirmation. You will bring into your life that which you speak/sing of often, with feeling and intent. How often do you sing with emotion? Combine those powerful daily affirmations with the memory-enhancing power of song and you have a magic recipe: a recipe for true transformation in your life! The repetitive learning in music is carried to your mind and actually helps create new neuropathways in the brain. Amazing and true! Singing and affirming the good is a powerful way to improve your mood and bring more good into your life right now!

Whether you are waking up, going to bed, in your car or taking a hike, music is a powerful wellness tool that can heal your body, calm your mind and change your life. The opportunity is yours everyday.

Choose your song. Choose your life.



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