Thanksgiving From A Distance: Four Tips to Keep Connections Alive

While we’re all following the guidance from public health officials and staying home this Thanksgiving weekend, it’s time to find creative ways to share gratitude and stay connected. Not being able to gather with other households is an opportunity to create some new Thanksgiving traditions that let us share gratitude with loved ones while keeping us all safe.

Sure, we can all eat on Zoom together, but here are a few other ideas to try out:

  • Write thank you cards to your family members and loved one, and pop them in the mail or go drop them in their mailbox. Let them know how much they mean to you, what a difference it has made to have them in your life, and how much you’re looking forward to being able to hang out with them again.
  • Make gratitude signs for your front door or lawn. Write a message to say thank you to the delivery people who are bringing us so many of our essentials these days, and stick it to your door, or send some encouraging words to your neighbours with a sign on your front lawn or some chalk art on the sidewalk.
  • Remember when we used to call each other with no warning? Try it this weekend! Surprise someone with a phone call just to say “thanks for being awesome.” Who knows, it could lead to one of those epic hours-long conversations we used to have!
  • Recreate each other’s Thanksgiving recipes. Your mom’s famous pie, your brother’s best mashed potatoes, your best friend’s secret stuffing recipe? Now’s the time to share them around so we can recreate them at our own houses this year. Send each other pics and videos of how your attempts turned out!

In an already difficult year, not being able to be with friends and family outside of our household on Thanksgiving is another blow. Staying home while protecting our recovery is the priority, so finding ways to stay connected and share gratitude is the focus. Share your ideas and results in the comments below!

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