Sobriety Offers a New Found Meaning in Pride

Peter Black has plans for Pride Month and all of them support his sobriety. It was just a few years ago when he was in the throes of addiction, that the month would have consisted of constant over-indulgent drinking.

“Now that I am sober, for Pride Month I am able to fully participate in the events and celebrate the true significance of the month,” says Peter. “I am able to experience Pride in a new and meaningful way.”

For Peter, Pride Month means freedom, celebration, love, enjoyment and acceptance of a community which has also supported his sobriety. Along his road to recovery, Peter tapped into the support of the AA community, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

“I was really nervous about getting sober, and as a gay man in his mid-20’s I wasn’t sure what sobriety was going to look like,” admits Peter. “I associated being gay and young with drinking and partying, and I was really surprised to see so many people just like me – who are gay and living a sober lifestyle.”

Peter who also supports Renascent’s mission and vision as a member of Renascent Foundation’s team continues to be confident in his sobriety today.

 “There were so many people and supports out there for anyone who needs it. I encourage anyone who thinks they may need help to seek out the vibrant LGBTQ+ AA community,” says Peter. “Due to COVID-19, virtual support through groups and meetings are even more accessible than they were previously.”  

So how is Peter spending Pride Month this year? “I am going to go to the Toronto Gratitude Roundup AA Pride meetings and I hope this year to celebrate Pride by supporting local queer businesses, many of which are likely seeing reductions in their customers due to COVID-19.”

The Toronto Gratitude Roundup is an Alcoholics Anonymous Conference with Al-Anon participation. ​It is hosted by the Toronto LGBTQ+ sober community and their friends. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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