Saving Lives Through Wrap-Around Addiction Treatment

After being in active addiction for five years, Keaton become desperate for help.

“For the longest time I was in complete denial. It didn’t matter that addiction led me to institutions. Though that was where I gave up – in prison,” shares Keaton candidly. “I put my hands up and said I can’t quit on my own. It was life or death at that point.”

Feeling at the end of her road, Keaton entered treatment at Renascent in December 2020.

“I came into treatment with an open mind. I was there over Christmas and New Year’s and it was the best of experience of my life,” she says.

Keaton spent 28 days in treatment at Renascent Graham Munro Centre, treating every moment as a masterclass in recovery.

“You go into treatment feeling very desperate. Having a safe place to sleep and to be warm, and to have another day sober makes all of the difference. It felt so nice to know that I would wake up in a bed and have three good meals and snacks,” said Keaton. “While I was there the counsellors at Renascent showed me that I will come out of this experience as a more whole person.”

Keaton credits the incredible support she received from her parents with helping her get started on her journey of recovery. Both of Keaton’s parents attended Renascent’s Family Program which helps loved ones of clients in treatment find their own recovery. Renascent treats addiction as a family disease and provides group and one-on-one counselling for children and other family members, which helps those impacted by addiction find long-term recovery.

“My family supported me 110%. They wanted me to go to treatment long before I thought I needed it. They would come to my aid when I needed them and they kept trying to keep me safe,” shares Keaton. “When I went into treatment at Renascent my parents had such a sense of relief. My family supported me and knew that if I did the 12 Steps and went to treatment, that one day I’d be able to share my story of recovery.”

After attending inpatient treatment, Keaton continued treatment remotely through Renascent’s Continuing Care Program. She attended weekly group sessions online and kept up with the Program’s homework assignments.

“I needed the additional learning to be able to continue growing in my recovery,” shares Keaton. “At the time it was my only obligation and it helped keep me on the path of recovery. Even after treatment ended, the team at Renascent was still helping me, and are still to this day.”

Today, life looks very different for Keaton. She has become very involved in the recovery community. She is a sponsor and a volunteer at the Alcoholics Anonymous Crisis Line, helping others who require emergency help. Her mental health and physical health has also improved.

“As a result of going to Renascent I got my job back and all of my charges were expunged. I can be a daughter, granddaughter and a sister again. I have healthy relationships. I can be so present at dinners and birthdays,” says Keaton. “My family is so grateful.” 

In gratitude for the life-saving care Keaton received, her parents, brother, and grandmother became Renascent donors. A note from Keaton’s grandmother to Renascent Foundation reads, “Thank you for saving my grand daughter’s life.”

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The staff at Renascent is passionate about helping people with substance addictions so they can reach their full recovery – with compassion, respect, empathy and understanding. Our staff includes our counsellors, all of whom have lived experience of addiction and recovery.