Renascent Contacts: Sharing the Gift of Recovery

by Vangie Calvert

Renascent alumni who volunteer for our Contact Program are amazing! Not only are they in their own recovery, they also unselfishly give of their time in a busy world where time is a precious commodity. Our Contacts are passionate and committed to helping new graduates as they leave the safety of Renascent and re-enter the “outside world.”

Contacts – people who are in active recovery, and who are willing to share their insights and connect with those newly out of treatment – are an essential part of Renascent treatment centres. Treatment is only the first step in achieving and maintaining sobriety, and bridging the gap between leaving treatment and entering the recovery community can be extremely difficult. Contacts serve as that bridge in many ways. Having a Contact who reaches out and actively supports a graduate can smooth the transition out of Renascent and make it far less frightening a prospect.

Renascent counsellors select a Contact who they feel will be a good fit for the graduate. Contacts then meet graduates, either in person or by phone, within 24 to 48 hours of their return home. Typically, Contacts and graduates will attend a few meetings together; however, our Contacts go far beyond companionship at meetings and do their best to reach out to the heart and soul of the new graduates. Contacts understand loneliness. They also know the importance of making positive, healthy connections with other people in recovery.

The continual connections made between Contacts and graduates make recovery easier and foster a desperately-needed sense of community outside of the security of Renascent. And often, in due course, graduates will become Contacts themselves.

Like the circle of recovery, unity and service of 12-step programs, it is exactly this cyclical nature that keeps the Renascent program of recovery alive, strong, and moving forward effectively.

Do you want what being a Contact offers?

The opportunity to give back some of what you’ve received; to help someone on the road to recovery; to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Are you willing to …?

  • contact the graduate (in person or by phone) when they leave treatment
  • take them to 12-step meetings after they leave
  • help them until they’re attending meetings on their own and have made other healthy contacts

Do you fit the bill?

  • three months clean and sober?
  • actively participating in your own 12-step recovery?

If you are, then someone needs YOU.

YOU can make a difference in someone’s life. Email today if you’re willing to help a new Renascent graduate learn how to make it out in the big world.

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