Renascent Card Contest Winners

Renascent invited all children of alumni, Renascent Children’s Program and Family Program clients and alumni, as well as the children of Renascent staff to participate in a card contest. Contestants were asked to submit artwork under two themes: gratitude and The Holidays. Below is the winning artwork, which now graces the cover of various Renascent greeting cards.

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By Emily | Age Group: 11-16 Years

Holiday card drawing of bicycle and flowers

I am submitting this on behalf of my daughter, Emily. I attended the family program and my daughter participated in the children’s program with Caroline. This is both hand-drawn and digital by Emily. Her feelings about gratitude and this piece of art are written on the artwork.Thank you for the opportunity for her to share her feelings through visual arts.

By Abigail | Age Group: 5-10 Years

Holiday card with snowman and Christmas tree

The holidays reminds me of reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees.

By Gage | Age Group: 11-16 Years

Holiday card drawing of person with sun and birds in the background

I drew this drawing because I am so grateful for sandy beaches and warm clothes. I added the clouds to represent the fogy days. I also added a half sun because some of the most beautiful moments that I have spent were sunsets with my family someplace tropical. I used colorful clothes to enlighten some days. I really enjoyed this drawing because there were no mistakes and it all went so smoothly. Thank u so much for judging my photo and have a wonderful day.

By Ryder | Age Group: 5-10 Years

Holiday card drawing of hills, mountains, sunset and lake

My artwork shows our beautiful earth and all the nature that surrounds us. The sunshine of the sun, the mountains, and the flowing water along with the beautiful greenery. My family gets to experience and explore our wonderful planet.

About the Authors

Renascent Staff
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