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As winter drags on, aren’t we all finding ourselves spending more hours in front of the TV? And while you’re there, have you been noticing all the addiction and recovery storylines? Without revealing any spoilers, the shows This Is Us and Teen Mom are both featuring addiction and recovery storylines right now, and this weekend also marks 10 years since the premiere of the infamous Breaking Bad — not exactly a show about recovery, but there was a meeting!

On the reality side of things, there’s Russell Brand’s documentary, From Addiction to Recovery, in which he explores his addiction, reveals how the program has saved his life, and how his relationship with Amy Winehouse spurred his campaign to have addiction recognized and treated as a disorder in the UK. (Warning: adult language and subject matter!)

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The sitcom “Mom” features a mother and daughter (played by Anna Faris and Allison Janney), both of whom are in recovery:

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Recovery Road only got one season, but was widely regarded as a fair and accurate depiction:

“Usually when a character struggles with drugs or alcohol or a combination of the two, they dabble, they spiral, they hit rock bottom, and they ask for help. The story tends to fade to black there, never showing the hard work that goes into being sober. It’s at that point where Recovery Road begins…
It sounds like the stuff of a classic Afterschool Special, but when Maddie faces expulsion or rehab, viewers get to see something rarely shown on television – even less so on teen TV – the real work of recovery.”

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So go ahead, curl up on the couch this weekend, and let us know what you think of these shows!

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