Recovery Provided a Chance at Motherhood

In July, Alison will give birth to her first child. If you asked her one year prior whether motherhood was on the horizon, she would have said “no.” Despite wanting to start a family with her long-time boyfriend, her alcohol and cocaine addiction meant that she wouldn’t be the mother she wanted to be.

“My boyfriend and I had talked for years about starting a family. It’s something we always wanted and we were coming up to that time in our relationship, but because of where my addiction took me, he said we weren’t ready – he said I wasn’t mother-material,” shares Alison candidly.

While the feedback was hard to hear, it was a catalyst for Alison. She turned to Google and soon found Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Treatment Program. Shortly after reaching out to Renascent, Alison began treatment. Since the program is delivered online, she was able to continue working at her job while simultaneously working on her recovery.

 “At first, I started treatment to get my boyfriend off my back, but soon I realized I wanted this too. I wanted to be the best version of myself and I really want to have a family,” says Alison. 

Having been to addiction treatment three-times prior, Alison was pleasantly surprised by the difference adopting the 12-Step approach made. It is an approach based on the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous that is embedded in all of Renascent’s recovery programs. Alison found that working the 12 Steps provided a road-map to her life, and enabled her to apply rigors and discipline to her recovery.

When you ask Alison what she’s looking forward to, her answer is affirming. “I’m looking forward to breaking my generational cycle of addiction. I grew up with substance abuse in my immediate and extended family. I saw the trauma that was created and I am just really grateful to be in recovery,” shares Alison. “I know I can’t protect my child from everything, but I know that my substance use won’t be a part of their story – one day at a time.”

Alison adds, “To be pregnant is a really huge milestone for me. It’s such a huge accomplishment. I am trustworthy again. Today, I am a person who someone wants to start a family with, and stay with.”

Below, Alison shares a few things that help her maintain her recovery:

  1. Work the Steps: This recent recovery experience has shown me how powerful the Twelve Steps are. In my first year, I went through the Steps twice. Being a mom was a huge goal for me so I really worked them. The Steps set you up for your future.

  2. Gal/man in the glass: This reading is about how you as an individual need to be focused on being comfortable with looking at your reflection. If the person in your reflection has only negative views about them self, then you need to do some work.

  3. Slogans: I have held dear the slogans that are shared in the recovery community. Two of my favourites are, “easy does it,” and “keep and open mind.” I make a lot of assumptions about the world, so I need to remember to go easy on myself and keep an open mind about other people. Also, “one day at a time,” can be broken down to “one second at a time”. I have so much on my schedule sometimes and I try to focus on the moment.

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The staff at Renascent is passionate about helping people with substance addictions so they can reach their full recovery – with compassion, respect, empathy and understanding. Our staff includes our counsellors, all of whom have lived experience of addiction and recovery.