No One Said We Can’t Be Having Fun in Isolation

Yes, it’s a global pandemic, things are weird and scary and sad, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in isolation. We’re all grieving the loss of something, whether it’s our social lives, hugs, in-person meetings, weddings, vacations, concerts, or a loved one. Living under the weight of all the bad and sad news isn’t sustainable — we all need a break! Here are some ways to lighten your days and have fun, despite it all:

1. Ryan Heffington’s SweatFest: don’t roll your eyes, this isn’t one of the millions of online workout classes everyone is suddenly doing now — this is the dance party that Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon are loving. Heffington is the choreographer behind all the Sia music videos you love, and has appeared on shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race. His almost-daily SweatFests happen live on his Instagram, and if the time isn’t perfect for you, they are available for 24 hours afterwards. Prepare to laugh as hard as you dance (recent moves include the Pizza Zombie and the Heavy Diaper; Pretty Pony is another favourite), and have a few props handy!

2. Houseparty: Yeah, everyone is video chatting more than they used to, but after a few minutes of catching up, it can get a little awkward, right? The Houseparty app eliminates all that with a bunch of games, from Draw Me (a version of Pictionary) and Heads Up, to trivia and a version of Cards Against Humanity. Houseparty contacts can see who is hanging out with who, and you can join their parties anytime, making it feel like an actual party whenever someone new shows up.

3. Challenges: Learning to do something totally pointless can be a hilarious and stress-free way to challenge yourself, and once you’ve got it, film yourself doing it and send it to your friends and family to challenge them to do it! Can you juggle three objects while going from standing to sitting down? What about flipping a pancake three times in a row? Get creative and enjoy watching your loved ones try to keep up!

How have you been having fun in isolation? Share the activities that have made you laugh in the comments below!

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