“Never, Never, Never Give Up” – Celebrating one year of sobriety

Beverly B. embodies the definition of a miracle. On July 11, 2013 the women at Renascent’s Munro House had the pleasure of celebrating her one year of sobriety – in true Beverly style. To quote Beverly, “My dry date is 7-11; my sobriety never closes.”

The fundraising team at Renascent was introduced to Beverly just over a year ago, through her brother.  It was not the kind of introduction that anyone wants. Beverly’s brother was calling to tell us that she was on her deathbed, and that she had named Renascent as a beneficiary in her will. Thankfully, the miracle of recovery had other plans.

It’s hard not to be taken by her story. As Beverly says, she has seen hell. Ask her how, and she’ll tell you because she created it herself.  She was fortunate enough to have access to a treatment facility and has fought very hard to reach her one year of sobriety.

Her personal motto is “Never, Never, Never Give Up.” Each ‘Never’ represents one of her rehab stays.  She has an energy for life and understanding of self that you wouldn’t expect from someone who has been through what she has. It’s powerful and truly inspiring.

Beverly was the guest of honour at the July 11 lunch at Munro, and she brought her brother from Iraq, where he works; her cousin Martina from Calgary, who just two days previously underwent her third chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer; and her cousin, Roberta, from Seattle, Washington, to celebrate.

Beverly gave each client a Never, Never, Never Give Up fridge magnet, and gave a compelling talk about her recovery. Many women were touched by the story, and personally congratulated and thanked Beverly.

In celebration of her one year of sobriety, Beverly is also practicing the principle behind Step 12: Service. In service to the alcoholic who is looking for treatment as a start on the road to recovery, Beverly donated $11,210 to Renascent.

This makes her our first and only platinum level Guardian Angel (under the new funding structure of $11,200).  She added another $10 to her donation, which made her donation the same number that her liver count was at this time last year (1121) … plus a zero.

Renascent’s Guardian Angel program, which began over 13 years ago, is a fundraising program that helps cover the gap between the funding we get from the government and what it truly costs to put one person through treatment here at Renascent, which amounts to $1400 per person.

Through her donation, Beverly has made it possible for eight people to access treatment at Renascent.

Amazingly, Beverly’s commitment doesn’t stop there. She has made a commitment to the future sustainability of Renascent by putting us in her will.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Beverly’s a tremendous inspiration and a model for her service in giving back. Please join me in congratulating and thanking Beverly.

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